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Iplehouse EID Woman Luna

Sep 18, 2009

    1. I hope she don't look manly like Jessica ( who look like Evan for me). She seems nice with the tiny bit we could see and I prefer her bust this size
    2. I hope that she has more delicate features than Jessica. =3
    3. from the bottom glimpse of her face she seems to have a more feminine jaw line, so she does appear to be more feminine like i can't wait to see her when more preview pics are available.
    4. I think I actually prefer that bust size, Jessica's bossoms were far to big for me but I like that they are doing different sizes rather than having the same body for the girls. It's more realistic I think.
      O.T The last picture is actually kind of hot. lol
    5. :lol: I must be the only one who liked the size of Jessica's bewbz then ;) :lol:
      I hope they put up some more teaser pics soon! :o
    6. Luna still has some big boobs even if they are medium size, I think she will be gorgeous no matter whose face she may resemble.
    7. That looks suspiciously like Barron's jawline to me...
    8. I hope the medium size body will be available separately! Somebody mentioned previously that she looks really athletic, and I think so too! So few female bodies look "athletic" as opposed to "slim" or "bodacious," so I'm really excited about it!
    9. ooh she looks a bit smiley/smirkey - think i'm gonna like her!
    10. I love the Luna head but I really hope I can get the large bust for her.. That'd fit the character I'm trying to doll.
    11. This bust looks like what they should have gone with originally imho, Jessica's are just too huge. Just from jaw/mouth I like the face better as well. :)
    12. Hah, what a coincidence! I just took a Dremel to my Jessica-body's gazoongas yesterday, and they are roughly the same size as Luna's or maybe a little smaller now. Still need to fine-sand, but I know it is possible, as I already reshaped, sanded and polished another realskin head. I'm definitely a fan of this smaller size breast, but knowing how small Jessica's head is, I won't be getting the Tamer/Luna, although I might get her body when it comes out in NS.

      Btw, I've also put some samples of Jessica resin in the windowsill now that summer is coming, to see what happens and how fast.
    13. I was thinking about that medium vs bodacious bust size and dremel-ing when I saw the news. Hopefully this will satisfy all the people who thought Jessica a little top heavy. I hope her face is her own and doesn't resemble any of the other Iple dolls but they love playing the notion of family resemblance, so she could end up looking like any of the previous dolls.

      I suppose she will come out when the SE RS boys buying period is over....maybe.

      Edit: Having had another look, I think there's a bit of Harin in there from the side. so maybe a Harin/I type girl....
    14. The body is beautiful and incredible.
    15. Oooh. I do NOT need a doll to be swoony over right now, but I like the "smaller" bust option - it seems pretty realistic.
    16. I agree that they still look big but nonetheless look good.
      Her face will determine if I will get her at all.
    17. Personally, I'd like to see a "small" bust option (so, in Ip vs everyday speak, breasts that don't poke your eye out). These look more like what I would want, but are still a bit too Barbie-like for my tastes. I am keen to see what the face looks like, but seem to be on my own in liking the strength of Jessica's face. If Luna is too sweet, young or girly, she is not for me. *settles down to watch*
    18. While I love my Jessica's body, I like Luna's smaller bust too. I think there's room in my resin crew for both.
    19. Well, there's at least 2 of us then. Jessica was the 1st female doll I really saw that I really liked. What can I say? I like a girl with a little meat on her bones, lol. From what I've seen, I like Luna a little better; her body is athletic and muscular, which is fantastic because the wispy female dolls I see a lot of just don't do it for me. Plus, big dolly guns make me feel better about my own :)