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Iplehouse EID Women - Ashanti and Asa

Mar 11, 2010

    1. Oooooh, the new girls are beautiful!
      Check them out in the "I.H.D. Limited" section.

      I can safely say my next doll will be an Asa or a Jessica! ^___^
    2. Right?!

      I was all set to get Jessica as my next doll (whenever I can pull that off...), but I think Asa just bumped her out of her slot. Hehe.
      She is the kind of face sculpt I have been waiting for Iplehouse to do. I love it!
    3. They are both gorgeous! I'm Iplewhelmed again! Want them both!!
    4. WOOOOOOW!! They are both so lovely! I hadn't been a fan of the facial sculpts for the EID girls until now. Just gorgeous!
    5. Ashanti is soooo pretty... I want her :)
    6. OMG Asa is the most beautiful girl doll I've ever seen... I'd so love to have her! But the price is too high for me (I can afford it, but just don't spend that much money on one doll ever) and I don't need any more dolls... But oh, she's my new dream doll!
    7. Hehe, I think Asa is my new dream doll too Larien. ^__^
    8. OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Blast it Iplehouse! Asa is BEAUTIFUL. Ugh Iplehouse I love you and hate you at the same time. A super busty Asian? Oh lawd have mercy, my resolve is breaking!
      Edit: I'm still freaking out! Oh god, waiting for more pictures is going to give me a headache.
      Oh wait, I just noticed her ears are pierced :horror: I hope that's optional.
    9. LOL they're both gorgeous... I am wondering if more EID men is also on the way? I'm still saving for a realskin Yur... But Asa is very special looking! o_o Wow... Iple House just keeps me on my toes! They create the most human-like dolls I have ever seen so far!
    10. Dear Iplehouse,
      I hate you >_>
      Love, Morgan

      No seriously I want Asa like now...so...like..basic dollie of Asa please? T_T
    11. they're both beautiful and very tempting but for now I'm safe as I have no extra dolly dollars to spend. Although who knows what can happen in a month? I've been waiting for a really nice AA doll so Ashanti could be next
    12. I love Ashanti. So gorgeous! She just seems to glow.
    13. Oh Iplehouse how I hate you!

      Ashanti is gunna put me in the poor house.

      My wallet will bleed.

      they are not part of the circus!
    14. Oh please, please, please release Ashanti in non-limited form. I'm a fan of paler skinned dolls (even Iple's Real Skin is too dark for me), and I did a quick Photoshop to see what she would look like in paler skin, and... omigoodness she's beautiful!

      Also, these gals were up on the site earlier today. I was browsing the limiteds section and casually wondered, "I wonder when they had these Asian and African girls available? Well, they're sold out now," but little did I realize that they were new dolls. :doh
    15. They always show sold out until the order period starts.
    16. Neither resemble any of my characters, so I'm safe, but I really admire Iplehouse for bringing out a variety of styles in their sculpts. I think both these girls are very striking and I can't wait to see more pictures of them.
    17. Yes, I know, but it was the first time I'd browsed Iple's Limiteds section, so I thought they were older limiteds.
    18. Hot dang they're gorgeous. Way to go Iple.
    19. Daaaangit my only regret is Ashanti probably won't be standard in that resin color, so it might just be impossible to put her on the wishlist. Gorgeous girls the both of them though, aaaaah!