Iplehouse Elemental Guardian- Knight of Water Claude SID

Jul 27, 2011

    1. Since there didn't seem to be one, I started a discussion thread for this fellow!

      Not for sale yet, but the pics are up!


      He's SUPER cute, and his armor/costume is to die for. Will HAVE to bring this guy home eventually.
    2. Argh! Absolutely cannot afford him, but he's darned near perfect for a character I wanted to do in SID size. His expression is wonderful, direct and confident and a little smug. I would not say no to the sword, either :sweat. Interesting that they seem to be offering two types of faceup for him.
    3. I want him so badly...
      He is prefect! i love his face, his clothes, and his armor. However why is he in SID size? :(
    4. Crappy crap crap x_____x I've been wanting an SID realskin boy for a particular character and I was torn between Storm and Lee and this guy has the features I've been looking for *_* Not sure if I will be able to get him, but I am so happy Iple takes layaway :sweat
    5. I want his outfit and armor and sword, but not necessarily him. He seems too smug for what I want.
    6. I've been wanting to do a noble templar character, and this guy would be perfect! I'd love to see him blank, though, to make sure his face would work. HRM.
    7. Oh no, he's pretty and perfect for a character that I have. Thankfully Iplehouse has a long ordering period.
    8. I love his outfit but...Lol How does he see out of that helmet? The eye holes are exactly where his eyes aren't.
    9. Maybe it's just me having just gone and seen Captain America and seeing the Avengers trailer but he looks a lot like Thor XD

      Anywho I like him :) too bad I really can't get him at the moment but I like his set :)
    10. Oh he is gorgeous! *cries for the money treeeeee*

    11. He is simply adorable! What a great cocky, smirky look he has. Such character! That outfit and armor are awesome! He is even available in WS! He will cost a fortune! :...( He makes me feel like abusing exclamation points!!!
    12. I love the smirk. I love the smirk like crazy. Shame it's a bad time financially for him to appear, much like the previous pile of male yum from Iple-land. Hopefully things will turn around in time if he has a long enough order period, because that smirky goodness is pure love.
    13. .... I'm doomed. I think this might be the doll I've been waiting for.
    14. Oh my, I am absolutely floored... I like a lot of the Iplehouse dolls but none have ever instantly "grabbed" me like this guy :/ argh. I want to at least get the head, if not try to swing a layaway towards the end of the order period. Ebay time I reckon...

      And I thought I was just casually browsing the Iplehouse site. Bad times :(
    15. OHMAIGAWD. Smirk. SMIRK! I so so so so wish I had the money for him now. He's FANTASTIC! I've never really loved a male Iple doll before, but oh my gosh, he's so perfect for the re-homing of my beloved Jasper! I *neeeeed* him. Poor, poor wallet, it's crying already....
    16. very pretty. well done, iple :lol:
    17. I'm... I'm... IN LOVE

      I can't stop squeeing, that smirk is so perfect and he looks so sly with those eyes. His armour is just droolworthy and I'm running out of words to describe my melted self :XD:
    18. I am surprised! I wasn't really expecting him to be so cute! I was thinking he would be a handsome manly-man, but instead he is a smirky bishy! Super cute! Can't wait to see owner pics of him! Love that armor! :D
    19. Urk, just counted if I want everything (including Real Skin) plus the blushed armour it comes to $1224 +about $50 shipping. Will probably need a layaway starting at the end of his order period, lol.
    20. D'ohohoho. Iplehouse always does this to me. Hmmm.
      I definitely want this--but unfortunately I don't have the funds for him and the option parts (or I do.. I just can't use it for him haha!). I definitely love that smile of his! Accckk.

      Titania: Yeah! I just did a total count for myself as well. It's half my tuition fee this term. Mannn.