Iplehouse Elemental Guardian SID Barahan

Sep 5, 2011

    1. If Claude didn’t get you, then perhaps Iplehouse will yet tap your bank account with their forthcoming second EG SID man release.

      Only the first teaser picture is up of Barahan with no info about his role in the EG concept.

      So far I like what I see of his eye shape and nose; wonder whether he will have a mouth that is as enticing as Claude’s.
    2. From his eyes he could be a great sibling to Asa :D
    3. Oh he's SID again! Why not EID size? :...(
      however he seems a hot guy!
    4. Noooooooooooo, not another SID! My bank account can't take it ;_;

      Also, is that a wing in the foreground? Colour me interested! :D
    5. No one think this one can be the girl?
    6. It could be but I get a feeling of masculinity.

      And this is definitely an Air elemental! :D About time we saw another.
    7. Definitely get a masculine vibe from those eyes, eyebrows and that little bit of arm ;)
    8. Looks masculine to me too for the same reasons. However, it would be great if it were a female, cos there aren't enough butch girls around here!
    9. I am hoping female, but I agree that it does appear to be another male. I love the coloring- the bright eyes with the dark clothing and wig.
    10. Whilst Barahan does look masculine, if it turns out to be a girl she definately doesn't look butch to me.
    11. BJD Collectasy states its a boy...wonder how they would know unless they have an inside track
    12. I think it's a boy because of the nose and shouder/arm (seem large). even the eyebrows aren't very girly
    13. I want to see the entire picture, not a teaser. Then we will all know if our wallets will run and hide or breathe a sigh of relief.
    14. me too!!!
      I guess we can expect pictures by the end of the week
    15. I can't wait that long....maybe we should bribe them with something......like buy everything they have in stock (wishing hard on that one:lol:) just for full pictures.
    16. SID man again?
      I hope It's a girl but at aglance it seems to be a man.
      He grabbed my heart as much as Claude. His eyes are stunning. I like it. I like it. I like it!

      Iple releases good guys one after another in a hurry too much. My purse is poorest ever...
      I hope they open the ordering period more longer.
    17. agree!!
      so far I like what I can see of his face, but I won't make my judgement just yet! the rest of his face could turn out to be awkward. though it's true Iple rarely disapoint! (unfortunately xD;; )
      if he is freaking gorgeous I think I'll cry though. I promised myself I would not have more than one doll per body type and I just ordered Claude :/ (so if it was a girl it would be nice since I don't have plans for an SID woman for the moment :D )
    18. So far the EID releases outnumber the SID sized ones.

      Me too! But I guess it's a good thing we get something of the face this time and not just a helmet! LOL
    19. I've had days where I regretted not getting Claude (thankfully a close friend is getting him so at least I can drool.) But Barahan...the only way I can be saved at this point is if he has an enormous, long chin or a strangely shaped mouth.

      Otherwise, I think I am doomed.
    20. He's very intriguing. I can't wait to see what the rest of him looks like!

      In the Iple gallery, the second posting, Elemental Guardians Season 1 Part 1. The last passage under the drawing of the four guardians reads: High Priest of Wind Barahan who got their first, he was waiting with anxiety. To me this confirms he's male.