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Iplehouse Faceup Discount

Jun 20, 2012

    1. Looks like Iplehouse has decided that they can now lower the cost of their faceups after raising them last year due to artist demand. Another class act from Iplehouse to insure their customers' continued loyalty!

      Hi, this is Iplehouse.

      Today we have good news for you.

      Last year there was a big difference between supply and demand, we had to raise make up cost.
      We experinced difficulties in finding a talented make up artist.
      And that is the reason why cost was raised and delivery time was delayed.

      We tried many different methods to improve our system and quality. And finally we are able to lower the price again for our customers.
      We will lower $10 make up price for every size dolls.
      Please be aware that we will change the make up option from June 20th.
      For those who have already bought a doll from us, sorry but we can¡¯t offer refund.

      We will only offer discount for basic dolls.
      Please be aware that Elemental Guardians and Limited Dolls are not included in this event.

      For example, make up cost will be changed as follow.

      EID basic $70-->$60
      SID basic $70-->$60
      NYID basic $70-->$60

      YID basic $60-->$50
      JID basic $60-->$50

      BID basic $50-->$40

      There is one more good news!!

      We are going to offer various make up, if you order CDS.
      You can order any kind of make up from our site, even though they have different heads.
      But please understand that we can¡¯t offer special make up like Akando_Pierrot from Noctarcana Circus.

      I bought Bibiane but I want Ashanti A type make up.-à Possible!
      I bought Emilia but I want Bianca B type make up. -à Possible!

      Please spread this good news to everyone. :D

      Iplehouse will always try our best to give happiness to our customers.
      Thank you for your support and interest,

      Have a wonderful day!

      In other news, Iplehouse has also restocked their JID Boy Chaos Set. It's a gorgeous set of leathers for those who are interested. LINK!