Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 10

Sep 4, 2019

    1. I recognized that Tonner sweater and was surprised it fit at all!
    2. Nancy, I can actually fasten up the back partially on my girl with the slim body. The sleeves of course are short. Some of the knits fit the slim body pretty good, except length.
    3. Knits are that way! They will stretch width-wise and shorten as they do! I must go though my Tyler clothes....
    4. Needed a secondary character for my storyline on my blog (linked in my signature), so switched my FID Grace's look up a bit to see if she could fit the role. I LOVE how just a change of wig can make a doll look totally different.
      [​IMG]Aya by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    5. Hey everyone, who can help me out? Post all the pretty PG gals. I'm thinking I might go that route when I order my gal. I've only had a PG JID guy before so I want to see if it will be too much color for my gal :)
    6. Here is Vera, PG. :)

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    7. My Stella is in GPG.

      [​IMG]Mini-Mair by luluna33, on Flickr
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    8. Here is Margalida rocking out in peach gold (she can look a little paler in natural light rather than lamplight) -- [​IMG]
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    9. My Grace is GPG.
      [​IMG]Cookiecreator, on Flickr
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    10. Beautiful P/G girls, everyone. Love that aqua sweater Zinna, did you make it?
    11. THANK YOU - I think that settles it. My gal is supposed to be pale but I love the 'life' PG gives! Such beautiful gals!!!
    12. Thank you Sisen. I bought the sweater at HelenDollClothes on Etsy, it's an oversized sweater for JID girls.
    13. My Isabella is PG as well. Love this warm skin tone.

      [​IMG]IMG_4529 by ivdolls, on Flickr
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    14. She is so beautiful. I just love her brows and the subtle shading around her eyes.

      All these photos make me want to work on my guy even more than I already did! He's queued behind another project that is taking a while, but soon. (I keep telling myself this.)
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    15. One final embrace, as I finally get to the end of all my trip photos....
      I've put everything up on my website into five albums, in the order they were taken.
      If you are interested, they start here - Rex & Bianca in Nfld - Fav Photos 2019
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    16. Your Isabel is great. I also have a fid Isabel, but she is still in the hand of the faceup artist.
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    17. Thank you, @Happy moon moon. :)
    18. Anna Raffine is stopping by to show off her long-awaited, and utterly perfect, SophyMolly wig![​IMG]
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