Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 10

Sep 4, 2019

    1. Two beautiful couples!

      Bianca looks a bit surprised by the lovely flower. :love
    2. I have a fid Esabel too. She is a lovely girl.
    3. They look like a good couple. This picture reminds me the scene in the movie Pride and prejudice.
    4. Another couple...

      My latest additions to the family, Gideon and Judith.
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    5. Lovely couples all!

      Here's a man of the sea to represent all those whose career must separate them from their loved ones. Admiral outfit is from SartoriaJ. I replaced the anchor charm on his hat with a cockade more in keeping with the period. Claude is on the Muscle body and I find the outfit to be tight overall, especially the boots. One of these days I'll get an FID male on the Model body and see if the fit is better all around. (Great excuse for buying a new doll, right?)
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    6. Pants won't fit in the waist and the feet are the same. Not that I would ever discourage you, haha!
    7. That's odd because Iplehouse gives both measurements as slightly smaller for the Model body. Oh well, I've wanted a Model body since they first came out. Something's gotta fit.:lol:
    8. The pants should actually fit better on the Model body. I have the IH Tuxedo, which was introduced for the Muscle body. It fits super tight, and my guy can't even sit in it. The pants barely do up, and the cummerbund doesn't do up at all. However, my Rex with the model body fits everything much better, other than the shoulders of the jacket which are a touch wide. But that doesn't bother me.

      So I'd say your soldier's outfit should fit a Model body much better.

      However their feet are the same size, so the boots will still be tight.
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    9. My model Bichun, Junho, swims in all the waists (I'm sure the rest of those tight pants will fit well). I got a few pairs of jeans custom made by JeansByJenna.

      Also the SartoriaJ hoodies fit the model better.
    10. Does anybody have a comparison of Yur and Mari ? Or could someone tell me what they think is the difference between the two sculpts? I can't decide which I waaaantt :chibi:barf
    11. Your couple is really cute @ResinRapture

      Sorry no Yur or Mari here although my pick would be Mari ;) Just personal preference. I think Yur has a more anime face with larger eyes. A friend has one here.

      Stella tried on a brunette wig this weekend and modeled the tiered chiffon dress...

      [​IMG]Stella by Lyanne NZ, on Flickr
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    12. @LyanneNZ Thank you. Beautiful Stella. I love her colors. Very elegant look.

      Vet tech Judith is doing some lab work...
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    13. Your Stella is gorgeous Lyanne, love the fabric of that dress! Is that an Iplehouse wig? I’ve read some people were having trouble with the quality of them.

      Your photography skills are crazy mad Resin Rapture! Those rubber gloves? Woah!
    14. @Saphariel suggested a genius solution to getting tight boots on either male body. Buy an extra pair of feet and sand down the toes until the boots fit. When your man needs his boots, just switch feet. The resin color doesn't even need to match.

      @MB Lilac - I have the IH Tuxedo, too, with many of the same problems. Needless to say, the outfit has been sitting in a box, unworn, awaiting the purchase of a Model guy. Dressing these guys is so frustrating when even the company's clothing doesn't fit them.

      @Mahgiep - I'm afraid to think how much $ custom jeans set you back. My solution would be more like a quick stitch or two at the back of the waistband and a shirt that fits over it.

      @LyanneNZ - Stella looks great as a brunette. And the chiffon dress suits her perfectly.

      @ResinRapture - Vet Tech Judith looks very intent on her work. Where on earth did you find the gloves and test tubes?
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    15. @vermont chick OMG if you ever had Jenna's jeans they are so worth the price which is the same as other sellers. She is a genius with a sewing machine! I have a pair BEFORE my dolls arrive as a "welcome to my home" gift.
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    16. @MB Lilac and @vermont chick That’s strange but I have the tuxedo and it fits my muscle guy well. Maybe it’s a manufacturing anomaly (question is what were they putting out more of)?

      @sleepxwalker I have both (sorry no pics until I find an image hosting service I don’t hate). Mari takes 8mm eyes and Yur takes 6mm. Mari’s sculpt has tiny teeth that can be painted white or darkened to look like her lips are slightly parted. Yur has a slightly more pointed nose while Mari has a slightly more rounded nose. I’d do a quick search on Flickr and instagram as well. Good luck deciding...or getting both. ;)
    17. @vermont chick I made them. The mini gloves are actually just pieces of a human sized glove I wrapped around her wrists. I smoothed the edge in photoshop. The tubes are pieces of a Q-tip, and the box was a sewing machine needle box. Nothing goes to waste if it might make a good prop.
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    18. Now I was thinking the gloves were finger cots! It would be a great use for the ones in the drawer! They don't get used!
    19. The clothes are mass produced in a factory, and just the slightest variation in sewing the tiny seams will determine if the garments fit like they were intended to, or not. My muscle guy can wear the tux, but he can't move in it. And forget that cummerband. it's not nearly wide enough. Still, it's a great outfit that I'd never want to sew myself.
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    20. What a fantastic picture!!