Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 10

Sep 4, 2019

    1. Hubba hubba!
      I really love how simple this is. Creates a lasting impression.
      The love is still going strong. Yaaaaaas
      Love this shot of him.
      Perfect portrait
      Wow. This is the most realistic pic I've seen so far. Great job!
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    2. @sisen the wig Stella has on is just a Monique Paris. I don't have any Iplehouse wigs in this size (yet...I am keen to grow my wig wardrobe though ;)

      Love the shot in the lab! How clever!
    3. Brendan and Styrr offer a rose in tribute to the beautiful 'people' in this thread. Beautiful photos, faces and outfits. I've clicked so many hearts it feels like Valentines Day.


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    4. @LyanneNZ God, she's stunning!

      @ResinRapture Love your scale props! And really clever solution with the gloves!

      I feel a bit bad. I finally got my enormous dollines eye order, and Faith has her permanent pair now.... and of course I haven't had a spare minute to do photos haha.
    5. @rianne I can't wait to see your photos! I know you mentioned before that you're very particular about eyes so I hope these live up to your standards.

      Does anybody know how is the scaling of American Girl furniture? Will it work for FIDs?
    6. Depends. What items are you looking at? The beds work, at least the one that I have. I have a table and chairs set too, and the scale on that is a little bit too big. I can camouflage enough in photos to hide the scale being off, but its not as good of a scale as the bed is for them.
      [​IMG]Ready for Bed by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    7. @JinCIncy The bed looks fantastic! I'm surprised because AG are 18 inches and that sounds a little small, can your boy lie down fully? I was looking at a couch so I think it may work!
    8. It really depends on what it is. Most of the backdrops and larger items like beds and bath tubs work, but not all. Clear as mud right? I got this diner set from a garage sale super cheap. I cleaned it up and added walls for my granddaughter to play with. Now that I’ve used it with my FID, I wish I had made the walls taller, because 2hen she stands, she’s actually taller than the walls. But over all it’s a pretty good scale.
      [​IMG]My Generation Diner by Sisen, on Flickr
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    9. Yes, the guys can fully lie down in it.
    10. Lovely. Awesome scene
    11. @sisen That looks awesome. Thanks for the help! :)
    12. Carina is stunning. This kitchen scene is so real. I wish I had your decorating skills.

    13. Such a beautifully lit shot, the doll on the left looks so dreamy <3 what sculpt is he? He's so beautiful
    14. Does somebody knows when FID will be up for sale again on the Iplehouse site?
    15. Tomorrow! They are available every other month.
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    16. Thank you, Thank you so much for the info :)

      YAY! Finally if God permits I will be able to order Claude. Everytime I checked the site they always out of stock. I'm glad I decided to ask :)
    17. Hi @honestrabbit - Thanks so much. That's Glow Special Real Bichun with GN Arvid. They're lit with incidental afternoon light bounced off a big white piece of matboard. It's just a cell phone shot. I'm so lazy. All these cameras around here and I use a cell. :roll:
      Another pic of Brendan in studio light:


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    18. @petiteballerine That glow special real skin is gorgeous! It gives him such an alive look. I'm guilty of cell phone photos too, but I think some can take really good quality photos in the right light. I wouldn't have known that it was a cell phone photo!
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    19. Gorgeous
    20. I finally order my Claude with muscle body, special real resin, and face up B. Somebody know how long the waiting time is for the USA? Last time I order was 4 years ago an de it was blank and it took 2 months. Still the same?