Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 10

Sep 4, 2019

    1. When I ordered my two FIDs with face ups (but default skin, not special real) about a year? ago, it took the order six weeks.

      Of course, I'm also waiting on an EID Asa and it's been two months, but hopefully your Claude will be faster! One of mine is a Claude (although on the model body, not muscle) and I just love how smiley his sculpt is.
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    2. I been wanting a Claude for about 8 years. But the SID size is to expensive for me. I was very happy when they release him on FID size, but every time I checked the site he was sold out. Finally today I got lucky :)

      Thank you so much to both of you for the info. If God permits I hope to get him around Christmas :)
    3. I just paid off the last installment of my order to IH (ordered 1st August), and asked them when my dolls would ship (I ordered Baron and Isabel). IH said they would ship early to mid November, so about 4-6 weeks. So that probably means they only start making layaway orders after the last payment, and that the process takes about 4-6 weeks for a doll with a faceup.
    4. Iplehouse FID is opening.
    5. @Maria I think it depends on how busy they are. Sometimes they start making it right away and let you know if your order is done if you are still making payments. Other times if they are either busy or don’t have the storage space at the time, they wait. Their official policy is that they make it after the full order is paid off.
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    6. I'm tempted to order a full Lawrence to get a head (and then sell his body, since single heads never seem to pop up), but I later want a Gentle Tedros for his partner too.
      Anybody happens to own those two, or the regular Tedros, and can tell me who has the bigger head? Or the wider face?

      Tried to look around but especially Tedros doesn't seem to be very popular :sweat

      (Edit: Just found this!)
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    7. Does anybody want to talk sense at me? I'm certain I want a gentle tedros, but I'm torn between getting him now so I can actually put my boys together by the end of the year or just holding off to see what happens for the holiday events this year.

      I also have a question about how IH takes the FID suggestions. Do you guys normally just post to the forum, or is there a better contact method if one wants to throw weight behind a request (I know they've been asked about bibiane a lot, so I want to throw my weight behind that one)?
    8. Here's my FID Claude with his, uh, motley assortment of friends, decorating my workspace!

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    9. He looks so cool. I love his outfit :) He looks very elegant on the model body.
    10. Thanks! The outfit is a SartoriaJ Admiral outfit. I really love the fancy military uniform aesthetic so I had to get it!
    11. sweet .... I am still waiting for mine! :...( this just makes me want it more!.. oh and when you have an 'odd assortment'... I jsut set it up like it's 'art on display he's viewing!' lol
    12. I am waffling on whether I should order an FID Bichun in Glow Peach Gold or Glow Special Real--does anyone have pics of their dolls in those colors to share? XD
    13. Tried Rex's outfit on Lawrence, who has the Muscle body, and was surprised it fit him as well as it did.....

      I think he definitely needs something from that period now too.
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    14. @MB Lilac - Love the outfit on Lawrence as well as on Rex. You might as well make him one before they come to fisticuffs over it.:lol:
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    15. Here is a comparison pic taken in natural light of regular peach gold (big Leonard on the left) and my glow peach gold FID Leonard on the right. The FID does have the chest/collarbone blushing from Iple as well, EID Leonard has no blushing. I love the glow PG color.
      [​IMG]The Big and the Small by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    16. You're FID guy reminds me of Jamie Fraser from outlander :)
    17. Thank you! Glad to hear you say that, as that is who they are in my dolly world!! I have dolls based on Jamie and Claire and a few other characters from Outlander. I even started a blog to talk about them.
      Outlander Doll World
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    18. Oh wow, the Glow Peach Gold is really amazing. Thank you for the comparison shot! I really appreciate it. :schemes:
    19. @JinCIncy I have to know, what inspired the Outlander dolls? I've never seen the show, but it must have been pretty impactful for you! :D