Iplehouse Fashion Doll Discussion - Part 12

Apr 23, 2021

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    2. Thank you. I did make a pdf of the modified pattern and would gladly share it, if I could just figure out how.

      Not sure if this is following or breaking rules, but here is the pattern. I forgot to add a scale to it, but from point to point on the sleeve (dotted line) it is exactly 4.5". I drafted the pattern for a JID, but it works well for FID. This pattern has a sweetheart neckline, but for my FID I modified it to a scoop and lengthened the bodice just a tad. It is based on a 1958 Sweet Sue McCalls pattern.
      [​IMG]Sweet Sue 1957 Dress by Victoria Davis, on Flickr
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    3. Thank you for the pattern!
    4. What a perfect picture to start a new thread with ! @MB Lilac
      And thanks for the pattern share too! @Violet Kidd
    5. Hope someone can use the pattern. I agree. That photograph is just breathtaking. I keep staring at it and wondering little things like "How many studs are there in those outfits?" and "How in the world did she get the fabric to drape like that?" Then I notice other details, like the little feathers and tiny buckles. I feel so inadequate. (But then I tell myself that it's not a contest.)
    6. Fell off the thread, or else I just wasn't here yesterday :P

      But anyways, New thread requires new photos :D

      Oooh, could you post a link to the picture that goes with the pattern, @Violet Kidd , I'd love to see it :D LOL, you both have flowers in your names, so maybe you're on your way :D Oh I think I found the picture, the pretty 1950's dress you made, yes? Very beautiful :D

      And yes, that is another insanely perfect amazing picture @MB Lilac !!!
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    7. Ooh wow, thank you for sharing the pattern!!! I'll have to give it a try! :D
    8. Thank you @skyealloway @Violet Kidd @IngieBee
      That field of blue flowers is just the best place to take doll photos every spring. We went out there several times, with several different dolls.

      Here's Grace again...
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    9. OMG!! That chainmail is REAL! I thought you found a fabric that looked like chainmail. How many hours of work did you put into that outfit?
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    10. Is that a halter top or halter dress? I'd like to copy it. Is it from a pattern? Can you point me in the right direction?
    11. Thanks @IngieBee and @Violet Kidd - Yes the chain mail is real, but I didn't make it. I tried that once years ago and it took a week to make one tiny square inch. My eyesight is much worse now so I wouldn't even try. So I ordered it from China. Two square foot samples from - Soft Stainless Steel Anti Cut Chainmail Screen - Buy Chainmail Screen,Anti Cut Chainmail Screen,Soft Stainless Steel Anti Cut Chainmail Screen Product on Alibaba.com. They sent it as a piece two feet by one foot. I took some photos when it arrived...

      I do make sure to have fabric underneath so the chain mail never touches the doll itself, and only use the chainmail in areas where it would show. I don't make an entire bulky garment out of it, as I don't really care about 'historical accuracy' so I'm only into suggesting that there's chain mail underneath.
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    12. Wow, what a compliment! I'm giddy, but unfortunately, this was a sock competition from DoA that I ended up liking. It's a halter top with a skirt made from a shiny sock, then I made stockings from big stockings (also socks) and then I made a shrug, not shown, with a more lacy stocking, LOL. So I don't have a pattern :( However, I can try to make one, it'll take a little time, but I think I can get one together this week :D

      Oh, I remember @MB Lilac :doh so amazing!
    13. I'll be watching for it. I think it looks great (on my way to Walmart to buy socks).
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    14. Lawrence and his Queen.....
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    15. @MB Lilac , do you have her riding side saddle? It looks it, wow! LOL Another amazing photo!
    16. No, she'd fall off that way. It just looks it.
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    17. Ah, they look so good!
    18. I love that she wears her crown on a horseback ride. I guess I would too! :kitty2
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    19. I love how their horses are blushed, it really adds to the DEPTH of their world and it's such inspiration.