Iplehouse FID with other MSD? Minifee, JID, etc

Dec 4, 2016

    1. I've been looking but can't find any photo comparisons for proportion? I'd love a Mari. And a Bianca. And a Stella......

      Basically, would she look awkward next to a Minifee, a Little Harmony girl, and a JID? I know there's a height difference, and a head size difference... but what do they look like together?
    2. I can photograph my FID Miho with a Minifee, but I don't have the others. Unless a JID boy will do? I just need for the snow to stop and the sun to come out, otherwise it's too dark in my house to take pics.
    3. @britnirose - Finally got enough sunshine to take photos. Here is my Miho with MiniFee Shushu and JID Daniel. (No one will have Mari or Bianca yet--they were released only a week ago.)
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    4. It looks cool!

      Can a FID wears Minifee clothes?
    5. FID is too big to wear MiniFee clothes. The outfit Miho is wearing in my photo above was made for a Kaye Wiggs MSD, except for the blouse which is from Iplehouse for JID. Other JID girl outfits fit, too. My MiniFee is wearing an Ellowyne Wilde dress. No way can FID get into that.
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    6. This is good to know, thank you so much!