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Iplehouse girl body - reviews?

Jan 29, 2007

    1. I'm pretty much sure that I'll be getting an Iplehouse body for my girl to replace the one that she has now (which I've had many a problem with). But before I'm to fully commit to it, I was just wanting to hear from owners with a female Iplehouse body as to if it's really as nice as it looks on the websites, poses as well as it does on the website and any other pros and cons of it. It's just that I've not had a fun time with my girl's current body and really don't want to be buying myself into more trouble =/

      I've searched the forums and thus far havn't found anything regarding this matter, so I'm really hoping that someone's able to help me and give me some insight into this.

      Also, I know that this isn't the picture request and I hope I'm putting this in the right section, but if anyone could post or point me towards any pictures that I may not have already seen, that'd be very much appreciated too =)

      Thanks in advance.

    2. The iplehouse female body is very nice looking; I find it very natural and lifelike in it's appearance. Although I do have to warn it's a bit "busty". Mine seems to be difficult to pose, but I'm not sure if that's just the way my doll is strung.
    3. Hi Siera,
      I've got two Iplehouse gals - and have to say that they pose beautifully.
      Just DON'T get the mobility legs... I got those on the 2nd body and
      have super-glued their tops to the thigh - as it makes them hyper mobile.
      The hands are beautiful - nearly as lovely as CP hands. And the resin
      is VERY nice - the NormalSkin is a bit more pale than I'm used to -
      but pretty none the less.
      I had my 2nd Iplehouse body for sale for a bit - but am now using it
      as the body for my Volks Unoss head. It stands and poses so well!
      I think that you'll like it too!
      Robyn in WA :)
    4. LOL, Robyn I'll be chasing you around today. What do you mean when you say 'hyper mobile"? Kicky like a Delf?

      Since I plan to wire and suede, do you think it'd help?
    5. I have a Cocori with the mobility joint, and I've yet to have any problem with it. For me, the only problem is with her torso joint popping out and making her bend forward or backward in what looks to be a painful manner. But really, it's a minor problem, and I've not heard another Cocori owner mention it.

      She's wonderful to pose, a great body sculpt all around. Iplehouse girls are a little fuller in the bust than say DoD girls or Domuya girls. I tried some Domuya clothes on my Cocori and they were way small in the chest.
    6. Hi Plasticnoodles
      I have a Cocori (HipHop version) who came with some sort of mobility
      legs - which performed beautifully. Silvia, with the normal skin body,
      on the other hand, had legs that would just spin. Couldn't get them
      to stay put no matter how I stood her. I understand some folks got
      bodies whose legs worked ok, but I sure didn't. I took her apart,
      looked long and hard at those dopey caps between the thigh and
      torso, and decided that sueding wouldn't be likely to do a thing
      for the stability. So I super-glued the caps to the thigh piece and
      sanded them liberally so that they seat well in the torso parts.
      She stands and sits like a dream now.
      I hope that this description makes sense to you. If you want more
      details, feel free to email me.
      Robyn in WA :)
    7. My Cocori (1st edition) poses just as beautifully as my SD13 girl. As far as looks are concerned, I prefer the IpleHouse body over the Volks one. The only thing to complain is that the IH girls knees are rather ugly compared to other companies, but that isn´t a real bother at all.
    8. Thanks for the personal feedback, everyone! I think I'll take the chance and go with the mobility thigh. I have an Elf Doll girl already and her back arches funny, too, so I'm used to that. ^_^
    9. *nods* I'm in agreement with Plastic Noodles - thanks everyone for all of your input, it's been really very helpful =) (which isn't to say more wouldn't be good ;D)

      Thanks again!
    10. Hi all,
      I plan to get my very first BJD Iplehouse Freezia, is there any review that I can refer to?
    11. There might be no review for you to refer to seriously.
      Freezia is too lovely and if you purchase her, you won't regret.:D
    12. You might want to search for info on the Iplehouse girl body and mobility joint vs. regular hip joint. I know some people have had trouble with the mobility joint.
    13. I have an Iplehouse Freezia, and her body is beautiful ! I plan to get one for my Souldoll Beth head. But I don't plan to get the mobility joint thighs. Some people are very happy with them, but they didn't work very well for me . .
    14. I love the body [as well as the faces ofcourse], it looks elegant and seems very in proportion to me.
      Both my girls have the mobility joint and while it bugs many, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. What does bother me is though, if I am ever to get another Iple girl [I'd like 3more atleast], I won't be able to get the mobilty join again, since Iple has discontinued it :...(
    15. I just last week got my first BJD--An Iplehouse N. Cocori (Western Version)... and though I had planned to purchase the mobility thigh joint anyway, it was still the only option available to me!

      Her stringing (I think) is just a smidge loose? I can't seem to get her arms to pose the way I want, but likely that's just a lack of familiarity with her just yet.

      As for the mobility thigh joint, her right leg doesn't seem to have any issues and the cap works just fine, but the left leg seems to have a few issues... which is more amusing at the moment than frustrating. However, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm up for them.

      ...be kind to the newbie?
    16. Lyzrd--Congrats on getting your girl :)
      I'm sure you'll love her :)
      I found that problem with the arms too.
      A Cool-melt-GlueGun Sueding will cure this fully.There's plenty of info of sueding in the Workshop.
      I find that sometimes, a certain leg can go a bit funny, for some reason.
      I think you just need to manipulate it into place when it pops.
    17. Eee! Thanks! I just had my first photoshoot with her two days ago, and now I'm wishing my camera wasn't ... well, old and simple. HA!

      I'll have a look at the sueding suggestions in the workshop, but I've heard wiring works just as well? Any truth to it?

      ...as for the original intent of this thread, haha, I personally went with Iplehouse because the girl bodies are more realistically shaped. The hipbone area was the clencher for me, and I like that she's more adult-looking. I guess it all depends on what you're looking for, as an owner?
    18. As for Iplehouse girls, am I right in thinking that their heads at least would look odd next to a Delf? I'm still new, and trying to figure all this out ^_^
    19. They do look a bit out of place compared to the bigger-eyed Delf girls from what I saw at Dollectable. If you want your Iplehouse girls to fit in with your Delf girls, I'd suggest getting a gentle mold, the eye difference doesn't look so bad when the iple girl has mostly closed eyes :p
    20. reviving this thread for a little help!

      I bought an iple girl body to go with a Harin floating head I bought (I bought her from Robyn_in_WA **waves to Robyn**) but her torso keeps popping out. Is she strung improperly or should I suede her? I've heard several other iple owners mention this problem, but never how it was resolved. I've even checked the workshop for advice, but I've gotten mixed results using the search function (some people say a popping torso is a doll strung too tight, some say it is a doll strung too loose). How have other iple girl owners fixed this?