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Iplehouse Girl Cocori Discussion Thread~~

Apr 12, 2006

    1. interested to see what they look like. Did they say what scale SD or MSD?
    2. Got some new info from Iplehouse in a reply to a pic I posted in their Free Space XD

      We can sell girl's body at the end of May or in the early of Jun.
      Now, nearly whole lines come out.
      It has very gorgeous body line like a fashion model.
      We are doing the detailed work now.

      Fashion Model! I'm really excited~! :D
    3. My, my, my! Beautiful lips ands beautiful breasts! Can't wait to see more!
    4. She looks wonderful.... I wonder what her price will be... Gorgeous lips and breasts! :>)
    5. gah! she's prolly gonna be limited >< is it just me or does she look tan?
    6. Oh shoot.
      She might just really ruin all of my plans... as if that was ever a bad thing >D
      I can't wait until they release new information!
    7. They'll prolly come out with a limited first, and then like a week later do a general release, same with Louis and Lion. And she looks tan to me! But the tan will probably be limited and the general release will be in normal and BW.

      She's SOOOO awesome, SO happy with the body XD The boobs are big but not like, silicon injected big XD
    8. WOW.... She is Awesome... And that Body!!!!:D WOW!!!!! Gorgeous. I was thinking the same thing Amaranth She does look a bit tan doesn’t she???
    9. OMG !!!! Yay..... I may get my beautiful black girl !!!! omg omg omg!!! Yay :)
    10. Oh wow.. she look amazing! I can't wait to see her full face. I've been waiting for a tan girl!
    11. ^^ And they're a natural shape, too! *doesn't like that CP girls look like they're wearing a wonderbra- it looks wierd when they're naked* XD Not that I'm getting any girls anyway, but she really IS gorgeous! (She had pretty nipples, too. *blush!*)
    12. My Iplehouse Louis just did several VERY undignified things.
    13. Yeek-!! Wow... Iplehouse, man. They never pull their punches. O_o

      I can't see the head clearly, but she looks a lot like a tanned Louis's Big Sister. Lil'bit over-the-top, but she's definitely a whole lot of vavavoom.
    14. yea, Jenny, she does look like Louis's bigger sister, she has his lips
    15. She kind of reminds me of when I went on holiday with my bf to Teneriffe a few years ago...
      Didn't bother with sun ceram and turned out to be her colour.....><
    16. That's what I was thinking, Louis like girl.

      This should be interesting. :3
    17. Oh. Dear. Lord.
      That body is amazing. *dies* Definitely looking forward to seeing clear pictures of her face. <3<3<3
    18. /jaw hits floor