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Iplehouse girls-- Harin and Freezia

Aug 13, 2007

    1. Plenty going on at Iplehouse right now... including two new girls, Harin and Freezia (who isn't a Dragon Ball Z villain.) Both are up as fullsets right now, and no prices listed yet.

      Harin I'm absolutely in love with. She's got a distinctly Asian look to her face. Freezia doesn't do it so much for me; I think her eyes look a little droopy for my liking, and it looks like the corners of her mouth turn down a bit much (picky picky).

      I'm interested to see the two dolls they introduce next week (Ryushin and Barron).

      EDIT: Here's a link to a News thread here on DoA with the big Iplehouse news update, along with pictures of Harin and Freezia (same as on the Iplehouse site):

    2. they are so beautiful, love their outfit and wig....I will go for Harin too...wondering how much are they going to be
    3. Awww Harin looks just like a character of mine who I'm fond of :aheartbea She'd be perfect if she came with a "full-figure" body...

      Freezia looks a lot like Louis; maybe they are brother and sister!
    4. gosh I like both....darnit...Unoa Zero or one of these lovlies? I like both too
    5. Freezia DOES look like Louis!

      I love Harin. She has that serene look, and the moon-face like DOT Shall.
    6. Harin is stunning! I love her! :aheartbea I, too, am curious how much she will cost... wish I were made of money... :sigh
    7. I like their girls actually... but they have nothing particular that i can get stuck on them
    8. I love the look of Freezia. Her eyes remind me of mine.
    9. WOW! :o They're both gorgeous! They're not limited, right? *hopes* I just might add one to my wishlist in the far far future. :love
    10. I hope we find out on the 29th if they're limiteds or not. I hope they get a basic release, too.
    11. I think I might break down and get Freezia. I love her mouth and the shape of her eyes. When I first looked i liked Harin better but after looking at them all day I think I like Freezia better. Plus I love her outfit......

      if I can't get her anyone want to split with me for her outfit wig etc? XD
    12. I have mental images of a Lt-Tan Harin...

      ... I feel weak in the knees.
    13. O_O I don't know which one I want more. I've never been interested in girl dolls but wow, they are both amazing. I think I'm leaning towards Freezia more but Harin has a very sophisticated look. Hmmm....@_@
    14. I'm just praying they come out with basic sets for them...because I'd buy Harin in a heartbeat!!!!! She's impossibly gorgeous and the female doll I was dreaming of in the first place. Freezia's just as lovely to me...I'm totally gonna have to save to get both.

      *Puts Dollmore girls on hold*
    15. Beeeeaaautiful, man. I love them both. o__o; Though I don't see myself owning. >:
      Their outfits are gorgeous. ^^
    16. Please let them have a basic release of Harin.
    17. They really are both absolutely stunning. I like both for their own individual charms, but out of the two I have to say Harin is my favorite. Iplehouse makes such beautiful dolls. ^^ :aheartbea I hope Harin isn't limited, because I can picture myself buying her one day.
    18. Both of them look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! :D I'm not sure they'd be much more than an impulse purchase for me, though. :(

      I have no characters in mind for either, and I would be afraid to touch them, for fear of soiling their beauty. :sweat
    19. Their outfits are so beautiful! I'm a huge fan of IpleHouse's sculpts, and I think Freezia is very lovely.
    20. Is it just me or does Harin look look like an older Iris and Freezia look like a younger Sylvia?