IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

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    1. Violet is such a gorgeous sculpt, and yours is stunning.
    2. @AntarelNefertili I love your girl so much, she's a darling! :D

      Pazuzu celebrated new year in style (read: by raiding the alcohol stash) with a new dress (yes again :lol:)

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    3. @Roterwolkenvogel
      Well hey stranger lol fancy seeing you and your gorgeous violet here! Lol

      So I had a question for peeps. Is Iplehouse pretty slow to answer emails? Or do they at all? I emailed them last week wondering if they would sell me a f.violet head in white skin by itself, but I'm unsure if they will even answer. A friend of mine said he tried contacting them about a layaway issue, but they never answered him (he went through the support forum on their website). If email doesn't work, do you know of a better way to contact them?
    4. Yes, I would try email, and also, be aware that a lot of doll makers recently lost or let go their English speakers have cut back on things like English translators, so they may only come in once in a while to answer questions. I don't know if Iplehouse is one, but with the holidays it may have affected their response times :(
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    5. go to the site, log in and go to the support tab. leave a message on the Q/A board for a guaranteed answer. I think they skim emails for subjects about payment before any of the rest which means you could be 'forgotten' doing email. As for the head. NO... they do not sell heads and bodies separate. Especially not now. A split order where someone takes the body is your best bet.
    6. @Roterwolkenvogel I love your Pazuzu, too! My Cookie doesn't nearly have as much years under her belt, but the Violet sculpt could easily switch between adorable and kickass in a jiffy. <3

      And I agree with the previous comment, Iple responds best in the Q/A board for inquiries. The holidays may have also caused the delay.
    7. @IngieBee and @AntarelNefertili thanks for your kind words :D

      @Guen Winters oh hi there :lol:
      As others have said, the Q&A is your best bet but really don't get your hopes up, Iplehouse never sells heads separately unless the mold gets discontinued, then they sell the heads on their owb.

      Splits are otherwise the only chance to obtain a head on its own (or second hand obviously)
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    8. Thanks all for the response! I thought that might end up being the case. I will try on the QA page... in the meantime... anyone know someone looking for a white body? Heh

      I'd posted on tons of social media... with no luck xD also tried the group order page on here, but nothing for a body lol

      There is a f.violet available on marketplace, but she's in grey skin :(

      I was hoping to hybrid her with my souldoll body.

      Speaking of, has anyone done a hybrid of iplehouse and souldoll? I know I'll probably have to mod something, but I'm unsure if the resin matches. At least not drastically. I can fix a slight mismatch with some blushing buuuuut... lol
    9. Iplehouse bodies are notoriously hard to get rid off :lol: I got lucky with my F.Violet that a friend wanted a KID body and did Doll Choice for me to get the head (and at that point I didn't care anymore that I got a WS head for a NS doll as long as I got the head).

      If Iple ever cans the Violet mold and sells her head seperately, I'm gonna buy like four or five for all the extra heads I want for Pazuzu :lol:
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    10. @Roterwolkenvogel that is super lucky!

      Just got an answer from them too lol

      "Hello. We are sorry, we sell only one head for each body."

      Lol oh well... fingers crossed I find someone to get a body
    11. She is beyond beautiful
    12. Thanks! She photographs beautifully. In person I find her resin rather dark, and very 'red'. I wish they'd had the two brown options at the time when I got her, as I'd have chosen the lighter of the browns.
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    13. Oh wow. I hope my Bichun photographs well in the light brown skin tone and looks great in general. They need to be worth the cash after all that's been said and done to get them.
    14. Lt Brn resin photographs magnicently.
      My Isar is a few years old now so perhaps a different
      resin formulatioin that they're shipping today but I
      love the way this girl photographs.

      [​IMG]Glittering eyes by Tom Beach, on Flickr
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    15. Tom, she is absolutely stunning! I love her eyes, too.
    16. @TomB she's so pretty there! I completely forgot about my Isar, I need to pull her out and compare her to my SID Grace. Of course, I really don't know which color she is, lt brown or dark, because I got my Grace at their auction - so she could be old? But Isar would actually tell me :)