IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. Goooo team...s - teams!!!
      Loving this. Subtle.
      Wow...just wow.
      Epic scenery.
      Wait, they make hands like that for JID?!!!!
      This is really nice. Her earth tones complement her so well.
    2. @Dyelee91 Thank you for your kind words!

      Also here is another photo of Faline I took <3

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    3. @Dyelee91 not specifically for JID but they work as long as you hide the too big ball joint xD Those are Doll Legend Jointed hands, others might work better

      @gaurweth Oh she's such a little cutie! :D

      Pazuzu got a new thing (yes again, I like to live) - a crown:wiggle

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    4. Ohhhh I see. Lol thanks!

      My pleasure. She's so lovely.
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    5. I sometimes forget how many Iplehouse dolls I have until I drag the out :lol: Today: Akira (Asa) & Jeromé (Ryan on IOS50)

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    6. @xyuemoto that was a lucky eBay find years ago, probably from a Japanese Children's Day display. It's not a perfect fit but good enough for the 30 or so bucks I spent on it xD
    7. Nice find!
    8. *Lurking mode off* Hey, guys, just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a new JID boy at Iple preview. Nice that they still give some occassional love to this particular line :)
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    9. @Airike do you mean Daniel? If yes, he's an older mold who I think just got a new faceup added! (Which makes him kinda look Souldoll-ish xD)

      But they seem to have a new KID girl!
    10. Oh, sorry for being inaccurate: there is a preview for a new JID boy named Jud in the Iple BJD section. He is not up yet :-)
    11. Now I am throughly confused :lol: found him but the preview pic/pics on the item are those of Eden?

      Can someone cross check if my mobile internet is trolling me here cause I really want a new JID XD
    12. I sure hope it's a new 'mature' JID guy. But considering that they've been going in the opposite direction lately, it probably won't be.
    13. When I looked it does say Jud and it says "slightly mature looking as JID boy"
      Maybe we might get a mature-ish JID guy?
      I already found a partner for my JID girls finally haha, but I can't wait to see what he looks like.
    14. I'm in love with the more mature faces of the FIDs, which are of course shrunken down versions of their larger dolls. I just wish they'd release some JIDs like that, even if they are just like the younger looking big guys. I have several JID ladies that really need more mature companions, and I already have two Owens.
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    15. Hmmm, looks like trolling to me ;-) This is what it shows me:

      He seems to have smaller eyes, so maaaybe he will look a bit more mature than the usual JID guys ;-)
    16. Definitely trolling me then xD

      I am excited to see this guy all done up, sounds interesting! :D
    17. there will be another BID 'boy' as well (yes im aware of what thread this is)... what I'm curious about is are they still in the doing fairy tale them and if so are the two boys, one young and one a toddler, tied by some tale? cuz I can't think of how it would be if they are. Or are these just 'random character dolls' not tied to anything?