IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. Beautiful. This is such a kool pic
    2. And Jud is up!
      He's not bad, imo. I love the shot towards the end too, with the BIDs. Adorable!
    3. He looks like there is a hint of EID Leonard in his face, definitely a nice variation from the big-eyed sweet guys :-) Would be nice to see him in other face-ups though. This one is not bad, but more to the feminine side, IMHO. Looking forward to seeing him in owner photos ;-) Anyone tempted? :wiggle
    4. I actually really like him but Im not a fan of the outfit, doesnt seem very wolf like to me.

      I think it should have been made available as a separate general release instead of tying it to the limited doll only release.

      To me, he is Chris in JID size :)
    5. I love how he looks all modern werewolf and that outfit is lovely!

      Not tempted tho (my wallet is relieved :lol:) but I'd love to see someone's take on him!
    6. To me, Jud has Leonard's eyes and Chris's smile. :)
      I'm kind of tempted. Not as a wolf, but as my second Hobbit guy ... I had my eyes on Edwin, but Jud is another possible candidate. I'll only decide after I move house, though - no need to add to the load of resin already needing to be moved. :eusa_sile
    7. I like him, to me he looks like Oscar's little brother. That one picture with the BID's is aDORABLE. It doesn't look like he's too menacing though lol. . more like he's their babysitter and trying to get them to behave.
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    8. LOL. Too cute! But you are right. He is nice, but still not as mature as I was hoping for. Maybe with a different faceup and wig? Oh well, not that I need any more dolls right now anyways.
    9. He is cute but not cute enough to tempt me which my wallet is grateful for. I really do not need another doll right now. XD
    10. i have 2 JID Kyle heads (one in RS & one in PG) waiting for characters. The RS I keep cuz he needs to be RS.. But the PG.... this Jud could be the new face I need.. pretty but in a darker resin can still pull off the farm boy look I need... I am kinda tempted... and "Jolene" is tired of being a third wheel LOL Bonus would be my Tiger boy would not be the only 'obvious' fey child anymore lol
    11. Anticipating yesterday's snowstorm, I made my Kassia some wings, so she could be a Snow Fairy this morning...

      More pictures - Snow Fairy
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    12. Job well done. Love it.
    13. Hello! i currently have an order for a JID Faline on the new body coming and i also ordered a pair of the JID fantasy hands with her. Does anyone know if these hands will fit the new bodies or not? If anyone has pictures of a new body with the old hands it is greatly appreciated :hug:
    14. Congratulations, @jamie5m :). I just got an email for a new gorgeous boy! Oh, I wish I could get him :...(:eusa_naug:eusa_pray:eusa_naug:...(

      His name is Jud. :love
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    15. Omg they actually gave us a new JID Boy! And he's a cat boy! Oh if I had the money he so would be coming home. :ablink:
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    16. A Victorian Valentine with Steve and isis (Owen and 'I")
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    17. What a wonderful picture! So many wonderful details in the outfits and setting.
    18. Thanks! I've taken so many Valentine's photos over the years, I thought it was time for something different. And this couple has been in their Victorian finery for a whole year now. So.....
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    19. can anyone tell me what clothes fit the new JID female bodies? mine lady should be here Monday! :D
    20. Lovely. Omg
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