IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

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      my lovely lady just got here! a JID deer Faline. i 3D printed her some horns for fun and shes got the fantasy long nail hands on too. im inlove!
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    2. me, yes. Tbh, I planned for another doll but fell in love with him first sight. So he took the place of my future first doll and now the long wait has started XD But I'll keep the company face-up, I'm quite fond of the promo pictures.
    3. She looks so adorable. Do you plan to blush and give her a face up yourself or is someone else going to do that?
    4. Hi does anyone own a JID boy with a different head on the body? And if yes do you have any pics of them? I want to get a JID boy to match an FID boy that is on the way but the JID heads are too big and child-like compared to the FID. I want them to look more like they have an age difference rather than a difference in anime type. If you get what I'm saying. Since the JID was actually the younger form of the traditional bigger dolls.
    5. I haven't been on this thread in forever but I do have a couple of JID boys left, so to answer your question @Dyelee91, here is an FID head (Claude) on a JID boy body:
      Verdict: Perfect fit. I also posted this on the FID thread.
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    6. Looks great!
    7. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and on both threads mind you. This answered my question in contrast to what I had asked iplehouse on the same matter. They told me that FID and JID cannot share heads but leave it to an owner to tell me otherwise. Lol. This makes things a lot easier for me. I can have the JID body with a more mature head. Thank you again!
    8. You're welcome, @Dyelee91. I forgot to mention that Claude's head is on the JID Model body. I would imagine the Muscle body fits, too. The only thing that might be an issue is the size of the S-hook, because FID S-hooks are smaller. (I routinely change hooks, so I can't swear that my JID Edwin has the S-hook he started out with.) The hook is easy to change. All it takes is a trip to the hardware store.

      Thanks, @MB Lilac.
    9. As always thank you for the help. I've checked out your blog a couple times too for similar answers such as doll comparisons and found it very convenient especially with the luts model body. You had in depth detail which was very useful to me. People like you are a blessing. I hope to be able to share my knowledge the same way.
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    10. Thank you so much for the kind words. I try to be as informative as possible in my blog--always happy to hear that someone has read it.:)
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    11. Hey guys , just dropping by to say I now live 20 mins from DDE and have been thinking of taking one of my boys up there to try on clothes and see if I can find them some none iplehouse clothes. I was wondering if there was anything specific from DDE you might want me to have him try on? Not sure when I will actually be going, but soonish hopefully.
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    12. Love my Adrian (Edwin)!
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    13. he's awesome! I have an Edwin in PG... but omg I am so jelous you have the suit i want!... Did you get the great coat too? I hope so... I'd kill for that set
    14. Thank you!
      Show your Edwin too!
      I love this costume too! Unfortunately, I don’t have a coat, but I hope to find it.
    15. YW, my Edwin is half nude as my new FID keeps trying on his cloths LOL I only have older pics right now. god my girls don't even have on wigs ><... bad dolly mom neglecting my babies lol. This is Edwin and his girl Jessica (I). you can click and follow the stream for more.
      [​IMG]P1020598 by J L, on Flickr
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    16. Adrian is so handsome, love his suit! @

      @Lady Tiku they look so darn cute, ready for a day at the races :D
    17. I made my Isis ('I') a new wig....
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    18. Very nice! What fiber did you use?
    19. It was made from mohair locks (from an agora goat) that I originally purchased at a doll show many years ago.
    20. So beautiful couple!

      Thank you!
      Romantic girl
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