IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. LOL, before reading, and just seeing the picture, I said (in my head) Woe! Where did she get that wig?! It's awesome!
    2. Thanks! She had been wearing another from the same mohair, but it was never intended to be pulled back, so I wasn't totally happy with it. So now she has two wigs made from the same mohair, in two different styles.

      Here she is with the first one, loose, modelling intimate apparel to be shared with an FID....
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    3. Wow, she looks so amazingly sweet! Can you get more romantic? I suggest not, LOL
    4. Hi everyone! Has anyone ever put FID girl hands on their JID girl bodies? And if so, is there a noticeable size difference between the two? I ask because I wanted to get my Benny new hands, but I don't like the size of the JID girl hands. They're too small. If someone could also post a picture comparing the two, that would be great!
    5. Hi all! Just wanted to pop in with my Tatiana, Autumn, since I took some pictures with her recently! She desperately needs to be restrung so she’s getting a bit neglected, but I wanted to show her some love!

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    6. That's such a good idea! I'm sure others have done this, and I'm sure I've said in the past that I'd like to switch out those old sausage hands! so I just did it with my Isar and Aaliyah and the results were perfect. I wish I could switch out everyone's hands, but one doll is in the old real skin, and nothing will match that. Also, well, I'd rather spend my money on other things, LOL.

      Aaliyah is the darker light brown, LOL

      They had better range of movement, were the same size except for the better sculpting, and fit perfectly. Sorry, I should have taken pictures from the side angle..... oops

      [​IMG]my Isar's hand switch by ingiebee, on Flickr

      And here:
      [​IMG][​IMG]My Isar's hand switch by ingiebee, on Flickr[/url] by ingiebee, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    7. I also have an FID question! I’m planning on making an Iplehouse order for some shoes and elastic, and I wondered if FID clothes would fit my JID old body girl? Iplehouse has so few JID clothes available right now.
    8. The new JID Alice is up for sale now. Looks like really gentle features for face and with that make-up feels like more of the child like.
    9. She's so lovely.
    10. Oh dang! I love him! I love the full set too! How awful! LOL
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    11. I missed the July Iplehouse sale cause of medical debt, but I really want to get a JID Cordelia... can anyone tell me about how often Iplehouse has those kinds of sales?
    12. Summer and winter. You can wait til December for another sale.
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    13. [​IMG]
      Milo is such a bookworm.
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    14. I missed it too, but if it makes you feel any better, the 10% discount is about a $35 savings...nice little perk but not the worst thing in the world if you miss it. :hug:
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    15. The sale only discounted prices by 10%, which is about the same as their currency readjustment they've now done. So the prices are now almost the same as they were when they had their sale. But if there's a Holiday Event in November/December, it might go even lower.
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    16. Thank you for all your help! I feel less bad about missing the sale now now I just need to keep saving up (and/or figure out layaway!).
    17. I just bought my first Iplehouse doll. She is a JID Asa and she's on the old body and has mobility thighs. I tried posing her a bit and I was a little confused. Is the old body single jointed? The peanuts look like double jointed peanuts but her arms wouldn't stay up. Also, I tried to test the mobility thighs out and have her cross her legs but it just didn't seem to want to go. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone tell me a little more about the old body?
    18. They are exactly like these. You kind of have to pull them out to get them to work, @XYumekoX I've always wanted to do the linked mod on mine, bought the springs and everything, but never did it.
      I should though, I have way more confidence now, just no time, LOL
    19. It's finally time to get that baby room ready.....
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