IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. OMGosh, so sweet!
    2. Now the anniversary contests are over, I can post that my entry for the vintage photography contest featured my Tania. I chose to recreate/reimagine the Cottingley fairy photos from 1917-20 and Tania is the model for all the fairies as well as the main doll.

      P1100608 (2)
      by Tide N Thyme, on Flickr

      There is no photoshop involved - the fairies were printed onto cream paper and attached to leaves using pins - I learnt during this photoshoot that it is REALLY HARD to make paper cut outs stand up and face forward when they are only pinned to leaves! I included a full description of methods and of the original Cottingley story in my entry which is post 29 of the competition thread.
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    3. Your entry was SO amazing! The amount of effort that went in was incredibly impressive! :D
    4. @Tide N Thyme Oh wow, I got the reference immediately :XD:. That's a wonderful photo! Excellent job!
    5. Thank you both! It was a lot of fun to put the shoot together, but yes, a lot to do.
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    6. I also used a JID girl for the image I prepared for the photo contest.
      Utimately chose not to enter at all but here is one of the images...

      [​IMG]Celtic - 3 by Tom Beach, on Flickr
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    7. I'm new to Iplehouse JiD's an their weird joints lol. They are unlike any of the other dolls I've owned. I have a Daniel on a muscle type body with mobility type thighs. I figured out the whole pulling the elbow joints out to get him to bend better which I was wondering if that was a normal thing?

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    8. welcome! and lol YES the pull out is normal... wait till you get working the mobility joint ... that one is down right freaky. but it makes more poses work... and it's not easy. All Iple dolls require a bit of a learning curve. You will go slightly insane until you get the hang of things. The mobility joint is not for being 'seen' in use... it kinda needs clothing to hide it.

      so... tell us about this pretty boy! what's his story!
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    9. @Lady Tiku Thank you! I played around with his legs a bit an had little issue with them I had him standing on one leg while he was leaning back which was pretty impressive. It somewhat reminded me of the Soom Teenie Gem centaurs joints. The elbow joints just really confused me that you had to physically pull them out lol but hearing it's normal is good to know!


      This is Nozomi. He's still in the process of getting a story since he just arrived last week on the 1st of Oct which wasn't exactly planned. He's definitely going to be a little punk with how I never realized until now JiD are thick an fit nothing msd sized XD So he forced my hand to sew him something so he got a bunny onesie, since I couldn't have him be the only one without something to wear.
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    10. yeah Iples are ALL on the beefy side (yes the girls too) compared to their counterparts in other companies... and DAAAAAAAMN... that is impressive for an Iple newbie like you!... ya got the touch! Looking forward to seeing the 'evolution' of your boy.
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    11. :XD::XD: I guess I do!! Playing with difficult dolls readied me for the challenge =D :celebrate
      My next challenge will be faceup design along with sewing him clothes
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    12. Celebrating Thanksgiving today in Canada....
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    13. That is a beautiful photo @MB Lilac ! The pies and turkey look so realistic and delicious. Love the festive decorations.
    14. Thanks! I made that turkey back at Christmas, so there was no excuse anymore not to try a Thanksgiving scene. Seems everyone decorates with gourds and leaves in the fall, so I figured my dolls should do the same.

      My other JID couple, are redecorating the Victorian Nursery for the expected new arrival....
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    15. Their baby arrived last night....

      She's Baby Sena by SupiaDoll
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    16. Congratulations to the happy couple!
    17. Hey guys, I read somewhere that Iplehouse has events during which they offer ebony skin. With the search function having trouble right now, I'm trying to figure out when we might expect the next event. Can anyone help me?
    18. Probably round late November / early December. They usually have one event each in Summer and Winter.
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    19. They recently had ebony available in doll choice, and have had it available for the new dolls.
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