IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. It's sad to hear that Iplehouse considers phasin out the clothes - like the JIDs alone have such a weird size and not everyone is comfortable / has enough money to go the all custom commission route so bah :/

      Meanwhile Pazuzu got yet another dress (Idk how many she has now :lol:) and a couch - spoiled queen that she is
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    2. Decided to brave the cold, to take a couple of photos of my Kassia yesterday...

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    3. Great to see you up and about again!
    4. Thanks! I was determined to get out and take a few photos. It was mighty cold though, so I only managed a couple.
    5. I grew up in far Western NY state.
      I miss the snow.
    6. Hello, just joining in the discussion because I decided a while ago that Sierra is a perfect likeness for an RPG character of mine and I would love to add her (in Glow Normal, probably?) to my collection someday. (here's the character, if you'd like to see.)
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    7. @TomB he looks so adorable on his skateboard!

      @MB Lilac so good to see you back and recovering! Her dress is still one of my favs from you <3


      Pazuzu wishes all a Happy New year! The fact that I have doll sized beaverages for her is slightly hilarious
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    8. I didn't knew they were phasing out clothings, I do hope they decide and make more shoes, though D:

      @Roterwolkenvogel your Pazuzu is a goddess!! I just LOVE that dress on her!!

      @TomB you have a handsome boy, and thanks for the info!!

      @MB Lilac your photos and your sewing is beyond words!! I saw your photos on your blog and my jaw dropped!! I'm sorry, I had to call my hubby just to show him your skills!! You have all my inspiration :D

      Please, allow me to share my Violet, named Venezia. Today is her 1st bday, 1 year since she arrived!! I can't believe it!

      Happy Bday V!
      by Musume Desu, on Flickr
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    9. Your girl is gorgeous! I love the idea of celebrating a doll's arrival date, especially the one year anniversary. I have two who arrived in December 2016 that I still have to throw late 'birthday' parties for.
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    10. Please...I am need of width of JID foot. Thank you! :)
    11. Wow, The newer JIDs are just stunning! @TomB I've been looking everywhere for a size appropriate skateboard, can you please tell me where you found that one? Thank you so much!!!
    12. I believe that I picked that one up at a doll show but you can find lots of them on eBay.
    13. Actually, @TomB I have looked and searched everywhere, but no cigar. If you see a brand or any manufacturing marks, please let me know :). The fingerboards available almost anywhere are much smaller. Thanks for your help :)
    14. @Musume Happy Anniversary and happy Birthday, Venezia. She is lovely.
    15. @MB Lilac thank you so much!! I do celebrate their arrivals, and for my 16cm I usually do a sort of bday funny story, with them running into trouble or receiving gifts!

      @Oliveoil The width is 2.4mm! If you need more measures, please tell me :D

      @ResinRapture thank you so much!!! :D I can't believe already 1 year went by!
    16. @Musume Thank you! That was exactly what I needed. :)
      Happy Birthday to a lovely Venezia!
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    17. Hello, everyone.
      I’m in need of some advice.

      I have recently bought a pair on new hands for my JID girl and I’m having trouble deciding on how to handle the color matching.

      The girl is an old white skin doll who has yellowed quite a bit. I bought her second hand many years ago and she was already yellowed (quite a bit, but evenly and she is still a lovely colour, but certainly not white) at the time and hasn’t really changed much since.
      Then hands are just bought, also in white skin, but the current white skin is very pale and creamy in color.
      The thing is, I also have a JID boy who was bought a few years ago, in normal skin. He faded quite a bit in just the first six weeks or so (losing a bit of his pink, but not really turning yellow, it was more like fading than yellowing) and he is now lighter than my old “white skinned” girl, although a very different color. The new hands are quite close to his current color, only a little lighter.

      I know that there has been at least one change in resin formula and at least two changes in pigments since my girl were made (one pigment change since my boy was made, I believe), so I didn’t expect the hands to match. The plan was to just blush them to match.
      But since it seems both my Iplehouse dolls have changed a lot when new and then not much at all, perhaps I should wait and just let the hands rest for a while before blushing them? It would be a bit annoying if I matched them now and then in a few months had to redo it. I could try to force yellowing in the new hands, but the resin has a very different look and feel compared to the old, so there is a risk it will yellow into an even more different color and it may be easier to just blush them all the way from the current color, rather than risk having to compensate for a different color.

      What do you guys think, should I wait or should I go ahead and match them now?
      Those of you who have bought new Iplehouse dolls the last year or so, do they still change noticeably in the beginning?
    18. I am curious when the JID body was replaced with the new style and are the measurements the same as old body?
      I have looked on Iplehouse data base and was unable to find my answer. I am concerned with waist and hips.
      Is the new body much better than old? I did not care for the old style. Thanks for any help! :)
    19. @Oliveoil it was just the hands, not the body. The hands were replaced sometime around 2016 I believe.