IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. @MB Lilac That's an awesome dress! Steve's suit is wnderful too! And the setting is perfect.
    2. Thanks. Steve and Iris started out as a contemporary couple, then went back in time to the Victorian age. This is her first new dress, basically because she wanted something new to wear for her daughter's birthday. Plus I needed a pink Victorian gown for a future FID photo shoot, so the bodice was made using my FID pattern, so it would fit both size ladies.

      Their 'terrace' is my backyard patio table, with a few hanging baskets of million bells strategically placed around the pillar and railing unit.

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    3. Oh! The front is just as beautiful as the back! It's nice that the JID and FID can share clothes! Unfortunately I don't have cool places to take pictures.
    4. The ladies can, at least the slim FIDs can. The guys can't really, although I have turned under the sleeves and pants hems on an FID tux so one of my JID guys could wear it....

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    5. More lovely pink! The gentleman looks very nice in his borrowed tux!
    6. Hello. This Is Ryan
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    7. OMGosh, the pictures are so darn cute!
    8. hey guys, I haven't stopped by in a long time. I don't come on DoA all the often anymore. However I was wondering where y'all get pants for your boys since Iplehouse stopped making pants for them and they are such an odd size? I have 3 Iplehouse boys sharing 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of boxers. :doh I really need to get them more pants. Especially since I am leaning towards ordering an Edwin so then i'd have 4 boys. :aeyepop:
    9. Dollsofmine on Etsy made both jeans and dress pants for my JID boy so
      I know she has patterns to make them. You might contact her and see if
      she wouldn't make some for you. There are other doll clothing makers
      who make things for JID. Custom is about the only way unless you sew
    10. Hey all! I'm new to this forum so I'm hoping this is the appropriate place to ask this... But I am planning on ordering an Iplehouse J.I.D. Violet in "special real" now because they are having a sale. Anyway, in your opinion, is the "Glow" skin worth the extra cost? The "Glow SR" is $95 extra total, and $63 more than the regular "special real" skin.

      Edit: I should mention that it seems difficult to tell for me from online photos which is why I'm looking for opinions. They only look slightly different shades to me... I want her to be perfect but if Glow is really not worth it I wouldn't want to pay that much extra for it.
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    11. @SeaNettle It has a translucent quality a lot of people love, but for me, no. It's nice and pretty in person though. They have worked hard on stabilizing the resin color, it used to be so sensitive and lose all it's pink and turn yellow or green. This is usually exacerbated by the translucency, but the resin now has UV blockers that they tested and really work well (I still wouldn't leave it out in the sun, or florescent lights)

      But the $95, for me isn't worth it. I stick to the regular resin in all my dolls. Again, it depends on how important you feel it is?? And if you even like it??
    12. Thanks for the input! I do like it, but I like the regular SR too... But when you say it used to be sensitive, do you mean the regular non-glow resin will lose color still? Or have they improved the resin overall? I don't want her to turn green lol
    13. No, I have had no troubles with regular, but I don't take any of my dolls into the sun except once or twice for a picture, where I rushed, and it wasn't more than 2 minutes :D I also keep them in a dark room and only use LED bulbs which have no UV light. I do still enjoy them, they all sit out, not in a box, so I can grab the one I want to work with or take pictures of any time. But that's a luxury that I have because 2 of my kids moved out of the house, and my caveman husband hasn't kicked me out of those rooms ... yet, I just moved in, ROFL :D

      I've made a green screen photo area on top of my cutting table so I can do all my photos indoors and fake the outdoors :D I am still working on the lighting though (again, LED - no UV)
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    14. I ordered two Real Skin dolls once, one in regular, and one in Glow, and when they arrived I quite honestly thought Iple had made a mistake since I couldn't tell the difference at all. But after they were sprayed with sealer and painted, the Glow Real Skin doll had a slightly darker red quality to it.. I quite honestly don't see this translucency everyone claims Glow has. It definitely isn't like the old, original resin formula which actually was a bit translucent.

      In the end I decided that the Glow option for Real Skin wasn't worth it, and the only time I ever splurged on it again was when I was getting a guy for my JID lady who is Glow.

      Here's a comparison photo of three of my Real Skin dolls....


      This is my Victorian family, which has all three Real Skin resins; Owen and 'I' are Glow Real Skin, the two BIDs are the current regular Real Skin, and KID Lisa is the old original Real Skin, which had a yellow undertone...


      You can clearly see that the two Glow adults have redder complexions, but they are no more translucent than the two BIDs.
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    15. The family photo is just amazing @MB Lilac !

      I think I'll post a picture, it's been probably 10 years since I've posted a picture of any of my JIDs and I have so many! I'll start with my Isars:

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    16. They are both beautiful. It's amazing how a different skin tone and faceup can make a sculpt look so different.
    17. Yah, she is the only sculpt I got twice as she was the most mature looking mini at the time. Now I'm thinking of making my JIDs younger looking??
    18. I have always wanted my JIDs to be older, and I really wish Iplehouse had introduced some more mature looking guys to go with the obviously older Isar and Violet.
    19. I always thought Owen was close, but I stopped buying JID dolls by the time he came out. Although I'll say, I was tempted with Violet :D
    20. I have two Owens, and they are paired with Leona and 'I', but still not mature enough for Isar.