IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. Hey everyone!! I’m waiting on an Iplehouse Tania to arrive to me and I was wondering if I can have some spam of any Tanias, please!

      I’m super excited since she was in the running to be my first BJD, but then I became obsessed with Minifee Ryeon and missed out on Tania, but I found one secondhand!!
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    2. Hello all! I've been trough this thread and some older ones in hope to see some photos of Minifee girls with JID boys. I feel like they would look nice together and their faces would fit better in proportion than FID's. I also have new Bimong Narae and I already saw a photo with a handsome guy in suit with two older (?) Naraes. Most of my current dolls are either from Bluefairy (big heads) or Fairyland 6-7" heads. At the moment I'm thinking about Owen and Daniel. I don't own any Iplehouse dolls yet but I've seen few that my friends have. What do you think about the proportions of the faces? Thanks for any input you might have and I'd be thrilled to see any photos if you have some or can show me the way towards them.
    3. I don't have any Minifees, but I do have several Naraes, and they fit great with JIDs. They have the same size head, and are both realistic. One of my Naraes has Kyle as her partner....


      And that would be my photo with Owen with several Naraes - Wedding Portraits - Fav Photos 2017
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    4. @MB Lilac They look great together. Thank you so much for the link for the photos and I must say I just adore the outfits you've created for all of them.

      I guess I was already convinced about having a boy JID already and just to debate with myself if it will be Owen or not. I find it quite stressing to order now that Covid19 has been affecting the shipping and such. Need to see other things too, like what sort of shoes will fit. I sew doll clothes myself so there's no problem having him clothed but I really like doll shoes so I'll need a pair or two for him. Will regular MSD size shoe be too big? Thanks again for the answer.
    5. @xaya - all three of my JID guys are wearing regular MSD boots that I got years ago from Mimiwoo. The thing make sure a shoe fits is to compare a JID's foot length with the inside measurement of the shoes.
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