IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. @Oliveoil happy to help! And thank you!!
      The JID body was changed for around 2016, as far as I know!

      @Lillith dang, that is a complicated situation, honestly. My girl is the glow resin, and after a year I don't see any changes on her at all. Alas, the glow resin formula is marketed as a lot more resistant to fading/changing/yellowing like the regular resin.

      I think that, if it is not too much of a bother, go ahead and blush the hands and enjoy them from now. Then, if they stop matching, redo it later. I wouldn't dare to force yellow them, to be honest. It is just too much of a risk, in my opinion.
    2. i got my first iple in 2013 and it had the new body with the feet that were not the same as the old body... resins stated to change then too my Dexter was the no french and the body from renewal still had french BUT french was never used in white or normal... but they did do subtle different whites the same as they did with grey. you can look up announcements for some of this in the 'notices' section on iplehouse.
    3. I ordered my Isar back in February of 2012, and the JID ladies already had their current (new) bodies then. Perhaps you are referring to when IH changed their hands, which was sometime in the beginning of 2016, because my "I" who was ordered in May that year came with the new hands.

      It is my experience that the normal resin tends to mellow/yellow the fastest. Especially the older normal.
    4. Wish you all a happy sunday =)

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    5. Thank you @ResinRapture. I did not know about the hands. I believe they changed the body a few years before that. The original body had butt joints. The new body does not. I was mostly concerned if the waist or hip measurements had changed.

      @Musume Thank you again.:)

      Thank you @Lady Tiku and @MB Lilac ! This is helpful on the year. I was referring to the removal of buttock joints and wondering if the measurements had changed. I didn’t know about the hands. Thank you! :)

      @vanori Lovely photo.
    6. @Oliveoil They released the JID girl around 2008, and the JID boy body was renewed 2009. They still have butt joints. If the girls had them as well, it must have been before May 2012.
    7. Thank you @ResinRapture. The girls had double joints. It was an extra flap. Not easy to work with. Glad they removed it. I will ask IH about measurements. :)
    8. Go to eBay and do a search for "Doll Skateboards"

      There are tons of them sized for AG dolls which work just fine with JID.
      Here is a single example.

      Nice Real Skate Board Mini for 18" American Girl Dolls Web's Widest Selection | eBay

      Mine has no manufacturer's marks.
    9. @Oliveoil What measurements do you need?
      JID girls how they have been since 2012:
      Waist mesurement : 15 cm
      Hip mesurement : 22 cm
    10. Thanks! I wanted a comparison from old body. I have some patterns and want to make sure they still fit. I found the new measurements, but I can't find measurements of the old body. I asked IH the question. Hopefully they will be able to answer. Maybe there was no change of size, just function.
      Sorry for the confusion. :)
    11. There's very tiny discrepancies in the original and current body measurements (mere millimetres). I looked them up - they were the measurements given for the two dolls at the time of ordering. It's also possible Iplehouse just decided to round up (or down) to the closest whole number with the new body, and that they are actually the same.

      Old Body (Asa 2010):
      Bust - depends on size chosen
      Circumference of Waist : 14.9cm
      Circumference of Pelvis : 22.3cm

      Current Body ("I" 2016)
      Bust - depends on size chosen
      Circumference of Waist : 15 cm
      Circumference of Pelvis : 22 cm
    12. Thank you @MB Lilac! This is what I was looking for and could not find on the site. It is very helpful. I can use the patterns on newer body now. Thank you! :)
    13. Cool, so glad someone had the info, you rock, @MB Lilac !!!

      Oooh, the hands were always chunky and bland, shoot, I wish I could replace the hands on my girls :( But undoubtedly, the color wouldn't match at all. Still it's nice to know they were improved :D

      Ugh, I should have known to check AG dolls! They've got literally EVERYTHING !!! LOL, thank you so much! Edit: two different kinds bought, 2 TWO!!! Oh my gosh, I've looked so long! LOL Now I can make my YT character!!!
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    14. Thank you for the advice. I'll probably do something like that.
      My girl has h old body, but-flaps, sausage-fingers and all. :XD:
      I love her and bought her mostly because I love the overall aesthetic and body type, but the hands never felt right to me. They just weren't the same level of sculpting as the rest of her. I have tried to find hands for her from other companies, but without luck so when they released the new ones I was very happy. I just never got around ordering them until now. The new hands are so delicate and dainty in comparison to the old, I think this will in some way make her even more complete to me.
    15. Wait what?! Iplehouse is going to stop making their amazing clothes?!
      Why? They have some of the best stuff I've ever seen in the hobby for sale! Makes me wish I had the money to buy all of it(well once I actually get one of their boys).
    16. @Lady Tiku yeah, but the "glow" resin is not frech/translucent/enviromental resin. They stated it on a declaration and I can tell you that it is not that resin (I have a french resin doll). It is a special urethane resin formula Iplehouse did.

      @vanori lovely photo! Hope you had a great day! :D

      @Lilith yeah, the sausage hands were not my cup of tea either, so I got super happy when they released the new ones, as I was slowly saving for the doll. That is awesome to read that the new hands complete your doll! I hope you manage to blush them :D
    17. Do you all think the hands would still match 5 year old resin? I have normal, light brown ebony and real skin. I mean, if I thought it might match, I'd grab up some new hands in a snap!!!
    18. I think there has been a change in resin colors since then, so I'd say it probably won't be a perfect match. And a five years old doll is very likely to have changed tone slightly on its own anyway, so even if the original color would have been exactly alike, newly made hands will probably differ a little from the body.
      Hard to know to what extent, though.
    19. I guess I'll wait until someone tries it :D I agree with you, @Lillith :)
    20. I would love to get some FID hands for my girl.. but she is really old and yellow.... so i can not decide which color i need xDD
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