IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. It sure would be nice to get new hands, I'm just afraid I wouldn't be able to get them to match at all :doh
    2. If your doll always has long sleeves, and their hands are never up around their face, a little difference in resin colour won't really stand out.
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    3. @IngieBee if they don't match, you can always dye them or blush them!

      @vanori I agree, FID have some pretty and dainty hands!!

      @Quiet and Insane wow, that is a lot!! Congrats!!
    4. Well, @MB Lilac and @Musume Is the new RS the same as it was in 2012? I got a new RS boy recently and the resin was completely different (not french looking) I know they have "glow RS" Is that the same as the older version? I can live with slight shade differences, but if it looks like they stole someone else's hands, it can be creepy, LOL
    5. @Musume - Thank you! :)

      @IngieBee - My Daniel is in the Glow Special Real and it is indeed a different colour to the regular S.R, likewise normal and glow normal. So Id assume it's the same for peach gold, white, and light brown too.
    6. @IngieBee - No the current Real Skin, and Glow Real Skin are nothing like the older formula.

      I took this photo back in 2016 when I had a regular and Glow Real Skin doll arrive. At first I could not even tell the difference between the standard RS and the GLOW, but the GLOW is a little darker and redder, but not really any more 'translucent'.

      Beside them is my much older Elin from 2011 in the original real skin.. In real life she looks more yellow/green than she does in the photo. Dolls from 2012 will also be the original real skin, however some are more yellow/green than others, as Iplehouse said it made a difference if dolls were cast when it was hot or humid.
      I'll try take some other comparison photos.
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    7. Okay, I forgot about this comparison photo of my two Owens. The one on the right is from 2013 and is the old Real Skin. Owen on the left is GLOW Real Skin from 2017.
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    8. Thank you @MB Like , the second picture looks more like I would expect, as your older Owen really looks like my dolls :)
    9. All my other JIDs are the older Real Skin, like the Owen on the right. Except for my second Owen and "I", who I got in GLOW Real Skin in the hopes that they'd better match all those older dolls. But you can see how that turned out. Not. even close.

      Oh well, they all still look great, just so long as I don't stand them right beside each other.
    10. Well, I think different skin tones are the norm in reality, so I like the differences in a photo. I'm just not sure I can get a set of new hands to work. I think your two Owens dolls look great together in a photo.

      Take me and my full blooded sister. She is a blondish freckled person who'skin tone is different from mine (a brunette) I can't remember who has what anymore, but we compared once and one of us had more orange skin tone and the other pinkish. We were both surprised at the difference :). So I actually try to get my dolls in many skin tones for that reason :)
    11. I don't know if a new set of hands would work on an older doll. The new resin is so much more 'red'. Your poor doll would look like they've been washing dishes in scalding water. But then, maybe if your doll always wore long sleeves covering the wrist joint, you wouldn't notice so much that the hand and lower arm colours are different. As long as the doll's hands are not up by their face.

      But then, my Wizard/Santa hybrid's hands are a totally different colour than his face, and it doesn't bother me.

      Anyway, it's not like extra hands are that expensive, so it might just be worth getting some, and just try it.

      You know, tomorrow I can try switch my Owen's hands, and you can see what you think about the colour difference.
    12. That's true :). I don't mind the boy hands, I'd just get the girls new hands :). I only have one RS anyway. Then I have an ebony, a normal and a light brown, I think. Was Isar made in light brown? So maybe I will splurge and get some :)
    13. @IngieBee I think they changed the formula. The glow is not french resin and it is not the old formula: it is a special formula created by Iple that is resistan to UV and has a very nice texture. I have my girl in glow LB. Maybe you can color-match the hands with dye or airbrush.

      @MB Lilac that is a great comparison and info, actually! So the glow RS is reddish? That is really good to read, as the old RS looked to greenish for me.
    14. @IngieBee - Okay, so I went and switched one of my Soa's hands with one from "I" who is the new Glow Real skin. The Glow RS is a little 'pinker', but I was so surprised at how well it works. Of course my Soa isn't quite as faded as some of my other older JID girls. But also keep in mind that Soa's body has been blushed, so maybe that makes a difference too. I was honestly, quite surprised....
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    15. Oh wow, those are so pretty, that would be worth the risk!

      Thank you both!
    16. @MB Lilac It is interesting to see the differences. I am convinced the glow skin may not be worth the extra money.
      I ordered the new hands for a 2015 doll in normal resin. I am hoping the match will be okay.

      Is there a remedy to keep the foot from slipping forward on ankle joint? Kassia's foot is constantly not staying where it should. It moves forward. I have never experienced this before. Any advise is greatly appreciated. :)
    17. I have no idea, @Oliveoil ? It pushes forward (pops out of the socket?) I mean mine have twisted and popped I guess, but never really popped forward???

      BTW, please let us know how the hand resin match up when you get them :)
    18. @Oliveoil - I don't think the Glow version is worth it either, especially on the smaller dolls. I only ordered my "I" in Glow thinking she would match my older ladies better. Then I ordered my second Owen in Glow as well so he'd match her. But as you can see in the photo with my Owens, that the current Glow is nothing like the older RS. And from an earlier post, you can see that there's almost no difference between the regular and Glow RS.

      @IngieBee - I don't know how to deal with those ankles. I wish IH would redesign them, like they have for the FID ladies, because those work so much better.
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    19. Hello guys! This is my first time posting to this discussion, but I've finally bitten the bullet and decided to get an Iple JID Violet over another option. She will be my first MSD, and I intend to try my hand at faceups and body tattoos on her. I needed a sculpt that combined the features of my two SDs, and she was just what I was looking for. :)