IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. Isar's default resin was lt brown.

      [​IMG]Isar-1 by Tom Beach, on Flickr
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    2. Your Isar is such a lovely colour of light brown. The current LB is so much darker - and redder.
    3. Awesome, I hope you post a lot of pictures:)

      Thank you @TomB ! She looks beautiful there :)
    4. @IngieBee Yes it pops forward out of socket. It is very odd. Sueding helps. The hands arrived and I am pleasantly surprised how well they match. I am having trouble taking a good photo, but will try to post one today.

      @MB Lilac There is very little difference and Glow is so much more. Thank you for the comparison photos.

      Isar is beautiful! I really like the light brown.
    5. Awesome news, @Oliveoil, thank you. At least some colors should fit then :celebrate
    6. Here is the best I can do on photo.
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    7. Oh, that looks perfect @Oliveoil ,is that normal skin?
    8. @Oliveoil - The resin match looks great. The hand looks a tiny touch 'pinker', but that will fade soon enough.
    9. Thank you @MB Lilac and @IngieBee! You are right it is slightly pinker but shows up more in photos than in real life. Yes it is normal resin. I am so pleased. The hands are so delicate.
      Here is Kassia.I think I prefer the JID over FID. Sad that IH is not doing much with this line.
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    10. I love both lines equally, I think. The JIDs can hang out with my minifees just fine, so I like that :D Too bad my FL Chicline dolls are so much smaller than the FIDs though :(
    11. Hello! Can I disturb the discussion a bit to see if someone can help? :)

      I have a Violet on the way, and I know Iple lists her eye sizes as either 10mm or 12mm. Does anyone have a photo comparison of both sizes on that sculpt? Thank you in advance!
    12. @AntarelNefertili I can't help with a comparison but mine has 10mm eyes, small iris, low dome by DollBakery and I can't imagine her in 12mm, unless maybe 12mm with small iris
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    13. Thank you @Roterwolkenvogel! I just ordered a pair of 10mm urethanes from SOULinaBOX (Etsy). Glad to know they'll probably fit. Normal 12mm irises seem to look too big on the Violet sculpt.
    14. @AntarelNefertili Please post photos of the eyes. I have been tempted to buy a pair from SOULinBOX for awhile now.
      DollBakery has wonderful eyes but so hard to get. My Kassia wears 10mm. 12mm was way too big for my liking.
      Congratulations on Violet.
    15. @Oliveoil Sure will do, and thank you! The others on my eye hoard are on the 12mm scale, but almost all of them are small-iris because of my large dolls' teeny eye sockets. SOULinaBOX will be my 3rd pair of urethanes, and I have two from Silent Paradise to compare them with once they (and the doll) arrive. DollBakery eyes look so delicious! Unfortunately, I never lucked out with the preorder period. ^_^
    16. Speaking of Violet, no clue if I shared this pic of Pazuzu with her child version or not xD (aka the Pazoodles)

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    17. Wow, I see a similar expression on her face :) Doesn't everyone which they could go back and time and care for their younger selves, sooth them when they're upset, etc?? LOL I do! I really could have used some insight, LOL
    18. I've been admiring your pictures from afar. :D Really love seeing Pazuzu!
    19. I took one of my JID couples with me on a drive up north yesterday.....
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    20. I love their sweaters! What kind of yarn did you use? Is it lace weight or fingering?

      I'm new to BJDs and have JID Cordelia on order (as well as a BID)... I'm excited. I've been sewing some, but it has been hard to find JID patterns. Why doesn't Iple have more clothes for JIDs??