IpleHouse JiD Mini Discussion Part 19

Nov 26, 2017

    1. I just used sock yarn for their sweaters. It comes in so many great variegated colours.

      I have several free patterns on my website; shirt, stretch top, lab coat, and vest - Tutorials
      Keep in mind that any patterns for Kaye Wiggs MSDs will also fit the JIDs with small or medium bust. The styles themselves may be too 'little girlish', but the bodice pattern alone can be used to create your own dresses.
    2. Great suggestion about the Kaye Wiggs patterns, thanks! Also, I'm the one who commented on your blog about the JID shirt. I finished it! And man oh man, the curved hem was a challenge. I'm proud to have finished such a tiny tailored thing.

      I have your knit top pattern printed out ready to start on.
    3. Congrats! Yes, that curved hem is a challenge, but it just looks so much better than a straight bottom edge.

      Four of my JIDs in their shirts....
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    4. Hey guys. Pretty sure I posted this picture when I first took it but with photobucket deciding to charge to share pictures all my old pictures are now broken links. So in honor of Valentines Day I am going to post this again. My lovely Iplehouse couple Alex (Colin) and Fedora (Cordelia)

      [​IMG]on Flickr
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    5. Aww, how cute!
      I should really take some photos of Malik with his eventual sweetheart.
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    6. Lovely! Thank you for posting Cordelia. I have her on order and there aren't too many photos of her out there.
    7. Oh sure! If photo bucket let's you here's more of her. I haven't switched all my pictures over to Flickr yet. I think I was one of the first to get her back when she was released as part of Carved Heritage. I got her blank so there's some blank pictures in there. Her box opening is also on my photo bucket.


      Fedoras Opening
    8. Oh, I can chime in with Cordelia. Mine is in real skin with the Carved Heritage B face up.

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    9. Apparently we live near each other. I just saw you post in the DFW doll group on facebook. We need to get our girls together. :love
    10. I love seeing her styled so many different ways! She's beautiful.
    11. @equine-aurora Love when that happens! I'll bring my girl tonight if you are coming.

      @Bundles Thanks so much!
    12. I am coming tonight. Was having trouble deciding who to bring. Alex is in pieces and being a pain in the butt about getting restrung so he is out unless I muster up the energy to try again, but that still leaves 10 dolls to chose from *_*. But Fedora can come. I am thinking Calanthe, my Tania, as the other one, she's actually never been to a meetup. Iplehouse girls night out lol. :love
    13. Hello everyone, I tought I might tune in as well, after a long time of absence. :kitty2
      I've been on a shopping spree for all my dolls and I'm having really big trouble to find a nice top for my Cordelia. She has the large bust, which means 22 cm. I kind of regret taking this bustsize, because I'm having a really hard time finding fitting tops for her. Everything I like seems to be made for busts of 18 cm at most.
      Any tips on where to get nice fitting shirts for bigger chested MSD girls?
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    14. Etsy, and don't search "msd" never use this term when looking for stuff for JID's... use JID. General rule is if they don't say it fit's them specifically don't buy, If they say if fits doll that height ... ASK about the bust size. Too many ppl are hung up on a term and think all dolls in that size are the same. It's a fatal flaw in the hobby
    15. Omg yes never buy "msd" clothes for these guys. My JID's wear more slim SD clothes then MSD clothes but it's all about the measurements.
    16. I have a really hard time finding clothes for my girls. It's actually led to me interacting with my JID girls less than some of my other dolls. Right now I'm trying to practice sewing enough to attempt MB Lilac's shirt. Guppykisses on etsy can adjust her clothes for the glamour JID, but her stuff is really casual. (Great for me, but not everyone. ☺) I've searched through etsy a bit recently, and they have a couple of people doing JID clothes. I'm hoping to try them out one by one.
    17. what 'style' qre you wanting? and when looking if you find something you like on someone else's doll.... ASK... they may have a shop you don't know about or know which Etsy shops DO make for JID... just because a shop does not 'show' JID's some can make for a JID on request.

    18. Oh, style, I suppose I'm really looking for a variety of casual modern clothing. Neither my Violet or Cordelia has a set style yet, though I'm leaning towards unisex clothes or an androgynous look for Violet. I've been waiting for something to catch my eye, lol, which is a bit harder with the JIDs. I have been keeping an eye on the Facebook groups, and I've seen people there advertising that they can adapt for JID, so that's nice. I've got a habit of buying difficult to fit dolls, so I'm trying to slow work my way through the 'what fits' threads for all of them. IN the meantime, I love Cordelia's new outfit. :) Lol, I know I already shared it, but more pictures in the threads are always nice.

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    19. I haven't been very active on DoA recently or in the JID discussion, but I finally took time to paint my Cordelia after letting her sit around blank for a year. I know, I'm a terrible doll enthusiast.:lol:
      Here she is next to my JID I:


      I'm happy how she turned out, seeing that I haven't done a single face-up in a couple years. I love seeing other members' group pictures of JIDs in this thread because the individual dolls have so much character- it makes me want to save up for a JID boy (or two).
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