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Iplehouse JID Secret Santa Arrival & Teaser pics (New teaserpics added!)

Nov 24, 2009

    1. Hi, Since people are starting to send their gifts, i thought it was time to start this thread.

      So far i got two teaser pics, if you want to post a teaser pic, you can pm it to me!

      Gift for Spcecadet

      Gift for Sylphide

      Teaser for Saragato

      Teaser for Asatee

      Lifae Shipped!Arrived!
      Susan402 Shipped! Arrived!
      Spcecadet Shipped!Arrived!
      Hobbitkatie Shipped!Arrived!
      Sylphide Shipped! Arrived!
    2. *SQUEES* I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS! You have no idea. *falls over* Part of me wants to show Stella, but I want her to be surprised, so I'm keeping it a secret from her. Am I evil for doing that?
    3. YAY! I am so excited! I am mailing my gift out on Monday! :D
    4. I'm afraid I won't be mailing my gift out until the very end of the deadline but I'm super excited for this!
    5. I'm trying to make a shirt with what I got (it's an extra, not the main, thank goodness) See, it's twisting on me, LOL, and not working out... but I'm holding off on sending until I either get the shirt to work, or run out of time :P

      Also, my item didn't turn out the way I wanted, so I'm asking for another from the seamstress but sending the first along as it's not that bad, just not good enough, LOL. Adjustments need to be made... I hope it'll arrive before Christmas, but this item will definitely be there in time ;P. Grrr, I'd really like to get this shirt to work though :...(
    6. My item is just a bunch of items I bought when I first got Stella, that never really worked for her personality, and were never used. :/ I feel lame for not officially buying something brand new for my Secret Santa, but I'm so not in a good financial spot right now, it's the best I could do.
    7. Spcecadet- I'm sure whoever your giftee is will LOVE what you're sending, no matter when or why you originally bought it. No feeling lame. It's Christmas!

      Wow, where did that burst of Christmas spirit come from at the end. My Diet Coke this morning doesn't even have a Santa on it. Hey, why isn't there a Santa on it?

      I wasn't able to get my package together for my two possible shipping days this week. I'm not sure if I'll make it this week, but I'll be mailing mine early next week for sure.
    8. **bounces** this is soo much fun! Christabel has already peeked and she cannot wait for Christmas now :kitty2. I always seem to miss out on these Secret Santa events, this is the first one I've done and I am so excited!! :)
    9. Hi Spcecadet, dont worry.

      First: your swapee will probably happy with what ever you send.

      Second: the swap rules allow to do this
      Quote: Items can be handmade, bought or from you’re own collection, as long as they are in excellent shape.

      TO ALL: Shipping deadline is the 5th of December. If by any chance you dont manage that, it is always beter to let me know than to leave it at that. I can pm your giftee, its beter to know the gift is coming late than being in the blind wheter or not it is coming at all. Due to wrong wig colors being send and deliveries running late, there are already some people who pmed to inform me they might be late. Do not hesitate to do so. We wont bite you for being late.
    10. :D Awesome. I just need to find wrapping paper, and a small box, and then I'll probably ship out to my giftee! I'm totally going to wrap each item individually, so it looks like more! And my giftee can expect a lovely little note from me, and maybe one from Stella, for their doll.

      Cause I think it would be so cool if we started like, a doll pen-pal system or something. But that has nothing to do with this Secret Santa, so I'll shush.
    11. Hah, that looks fun. Hoping to see more pics. :) :aheartbea
    12. Weeee! I'm super excited for this Secret Santa! :D I'll finish up the last main thing for my swapee on Tuesday this week so I'll be sending out my gift pretty close to deadline too! I'll try to make some small additions too. Maybe a couple of extra socks or something. Yay - I love Christmas!! And I'm sure that everyone will be happy with what they get from their swap-partners :aheartbea
    13. Just shipped mine out. I was starting to panic a bit. I had everthing I needed at the end of Oct but I got ill and didn't dare touch my sewing room till I was 100% again.

      I will say, Katherine (my doll) was disapointed the dress I made wasn't for her but I had to keep telling her that is wasn't her color.
    14. And we have our first arrival! Congrats to Sylphide!
    15. Sooo...should we open them now? Or wait till Christmas?
      I'm very bad at waiting... :)
    16. Waiting sounds like a terrible idea.
    17. Noo! Open them now I say ;) I'm so so bad at waiting, I don't think I can manage that - and it'll be so much fun to show off what we get! :aheartbea
    18. Open up quickly Sylphide and show some pics! :aheartbea
    19. I'll be shipping mine out as soon as I find a box. :/ LOL

      I'm so excited for mine to arrive. That corset makes me smile every time I check here.
    20. Sorry for the double post, but

      POST JUST ARRIVED. I have received my secret santa gift, and I'm waiting anxiously for the verdict on if we're allowed to open them yet.

      I'm going to the post office later today to ship off to my giftee, so there's that as well. :D