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Iplehouse JID Special Editions

Feb 10, 2010

    1. Iplehouse will reopen ordering for their JID Real Skin special editions from February 12th to March 12th. If you missed your chance to take one of these adorable girls home the first time around, fret no longer!

    2. Do you know if their outfits will be available with them at a discount like before?
    3. nightmaren: Please remove the links and read the FAQ regarding posting pictures here. Hotlinking to the images could overload IH's bandwidth causing the site to become unavailable for a period of time.

      Eri Rhode: The OP appears to be sharing information, not an IH representative. To obtain an accurate reply you should email JID directly.

      Members Please Note: When it comes to BJD sneak previews, if you haven't checked the site or you can't find the information you are seeking, please don't speculate or ask pricing, dates, etc. in the News Forum.
      Sellers often release information in bits and pieces in the attempt to build interest and excitement.

      Please feel free to chat and speculate on Iplehouse's minis in the Iplehouse Mini Size Discussion thread. And if you read through it, you might find your answers there, too.