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Iplehouse Juvenile Amy Discussion

Aug 28, 2008

    1. She is adorable! :aheartbea She is also the first doll I have seen with an open mouth I could imagine owning. I love her little round face.
    2. Awwww she's really adorable. I can't see myself owning her because she wouldn't really fit in with my dolls but I will for sure look forward to seeing her around on the boards.
    3. so sweet and cute ! I just love her
    4. oooh! I love her mouth! <3 so cute! To bad I don't need another girl haha
    5. Aw, she's gorgeous. I hope she's released in a basic set later! I really want her, just can't afford any more dolls right now. D:
    6. just cute !
    7. Really beautiful. The new MSD sculpts are making me want to own something from Iplehouse.
    8. I had a heart attack when I logged on this morning, and saw the basic version Mars. Then I logged on later, and saw her. I squee'd. I'm hopeless, really. Hehehe. :sweat

      Iplehouse has got to be my favorite for sculpts. She looks like she'd make a gorgeous little English girl. >w< But I like boys... then again, her freckles are so cute!! ;__;
    9. she´s adorableeee!!
      IpleHouse´s juniors are killing me *^^*
    10. Her teeth are cute... Now if they could start releasing boys!!! And sexy mature looking ones at it! >_< I've enough of cute minis... TT_TT
    11. oh crap she's gorgeous. haha. great, another one for the wishlist. oh boy. I love both her face ups too, they suit her so well.
    12. I had to look at the doll with my name, and now I'm sorry! She's soooo cute, and pretty realistic. I know she wouldn't fit in with my other dolls, but she's very tempting!
    13. She looks like a little girl version of Elfdoll's Lydia :3
    14. She's adorable! :aheartbea

      Me too. Generally I like basic dolls more than limited because I like to find their right look myself. Besides it's cheaper. :lol:

      I second that! Mature looking MSD males are really needed.

    15. :o
      oh no! another Iplehouse girl just begging me to buy her!:...(

      ...this will take some serious thinking now... :| [starts staring at Tatiana then at Amy, then vice-versa]

      Iplehouse's Juniors will be the death of me, i swear :lol:
    16. Wow, this one is really cute! :D
    17. She's cute....and already sold out.

      I'm still glad my first purchase was for Tania. But I might consider an Amy if she comes out in basic.

      Her freckles are a-DOR-able
    18. An Amy boy would be so cute... *.* I know i'm weird, lol, but that face is uber adorable! I guess I'll wait to see her go on sale. Iplehouse has a tendency to make basic versions of their limiteds so that's good right? XD
    19. I don't think she's already sold out, she wasn't up for sale yet. I agree, I wish they would release boys already!