Iplehouse Kid Clothing Database (What fits)

Jan 17, 2013

    1. Since these new little ones are still relatively new, I figured we needed to have a central place for all the information regarding clothing, shoes, wigs, etc.

      If a thread is started with body comparison sizes we can link here - (add link when available)

      Place to buy dolls

      * Height : 34.5cm
      * Weight : 340g
      * Head circumference: 17.5cm
      * Neck circumference : 6.8cm
      * Chest circumference : 14.9cm
      * Shoulder width : 7cm
      * Arm length : 12.5cm
      * Waist circumference : 13.5cm
      * Pelvis circumference : 16.2cm
      * Thigh circumference : 9.5cm
      * Ankle circumference : 4.5cm
      * Feet length : 4cm

      [TD="width: 250"]Girl

      * Height : 34.5cm
      * Weight : 340g
      * Head circumference : 17.5cm
      * Neck circumference : 6.8cm
      * Chest circumference : 14.9cm
      * Shoulder width : 7cm
      * Arm length : 12.5cm
      * Waist circumference : 13.5cm
      * Pelvis circumference : 17.8cm
      * Thigh circumference : 10cm
      * Ankle circumference : 4.5cm
      * Feet length : 4cm


      Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 1

      Iplehouse Kid K.I.D. 35cm discussion part 2

      Flickr Group for KIDs

      Please come and post information as you try on different clothes and shoes from different companies so we can compile a good working list of what fits for the KID and what doesn't. Pictures are always helpful! (one pic per post per the rules - Please limit images to one per post in discussion threads; link your Gallery thread or post in Community Photo Sharing if you'd like to show more.)

      If we need to create a KID picture thread we can do that too and link it to this one and vice versa.

    2. [dead photo link removed]

      Dollmore Wig - (7) Junsa HT Wig (Brown)

      Dollmore Shoes - Dear Doll Size - Sneakerstyle Long Boots (pink) - this one is now sold out but they have similar other sneakers.
      Socks - Dear Doll Size - Ponyo Knee Socks (White)

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    3. Crocs for LeeAnn Dolls by Denis B.

      [dead photo link removed]

      The shoes can be purchased here - AFFORDABLE DESIGNS - CANADA @ $7.50 each
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    4. Thanks Laurie! I just bought Lonnie NS not long ago, and couldn't resist the clogs/crocs :P I think they might arrive before my doll does :E
    5. I haven't tried it myself, but I know that Betsy Mccall clothes can fit Narsha, so I'm assuming they will fit KIDs, too. Not my style, but might be helpful if you're looking for a cheap outfit. Clothes made for Chibi Unoa should fit as well.
    6. I just got my KID Lonnie yesterday and I tried on all the clothes I had made for Narsha and they fit very well. Lonnie and Narsha have the same shoulders, Betsy and Narsha can share some styles, but Betsy is bigger in the chest and shoulders so clothes I made just for Betsy area little big on Lonnie.
      I just finished a jeans and blouse pattern for Narsha and it fit Lonnie perfect!
      When I bought Lonnie I really was thinking she would be more the size of my Unidoll Tiny. Oh well, this was a happy surprise.
    7. Oriole, good information to know! I have my first KIDs on order, and I wasn't sure what to do about clothing.
    8. Thanks for starting this database, Laurie. I also have the clogs and they are really cute on these KIDs.

      OAH, I'm glad to hear that all your patterns for Narsha work as I have several of your designs. I tried several of my Betsy McCall outfits, all Tonner originals, on my Lonnie and while the tops are fine, the length of the pants are too short. I'll be looking forward to your jeans and blouse pattern. Do you have any idea when you'll have it available?
    9. This is super good news! I'm actually having my Milly's costume commissioned from someone who is sewing it to fit a Narsha. I was a little worried that the fit wouldn't be exact but it looks like I have nothing to fear!

      I'm looking all over the place for shoes though--I actually need little plastic jellies for my doll. Does anyone know of any fashion doll shoes that fit?
    10. The clogs are fun. I just received a newsletter from Denis B. (owner/creator of LeeAnn) that he is offer 25% off on purchases of 3 or more items from his store for Feb/Valentine. I've not heard that any other shoes, other than the clogs fit, however he does have some other cute accessories. I believe the clothes were are too big for the BID, wonder if they would fit the KID? As his dolls are 14"

      Oh this is great news Oriole! I really love your clothing patterns and the varied styles. Can they be purchased in print only still or can they be purchased in PDF?

      So glad you all like the idea of this thread. I hope to see more join in and add photos and/or information. Please share both what does not work as well as what works :)
    11. The KIDs can fit into quite a few of my Effner Studio Little Darling clothes, but it's pretty much hit and miss. I just happen to have a TON of clothes for my Little Darling dolls (I have 10 of them), so it's not like I'm going out and investing needlessly.

      Here is my Lonnie wearing an outfit by m.e.g.designs specifically made for the Little Darlings:


      As you can see, it fits her pretty well. I did have to put a little pin at the waist of the skirt, as the LDs are a bit rounder in the middle than the KIDs. Even the shoes were handmade.

      My Shelby (Lonnie) on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/swmchick/sets/72157631943744410/
    12. Here is Shelby (Lonnie) in another Little Darling outfit made by Melanie Hazel and purchased on eBay:


      I would like to say that all the outfits made for the Little Darlings fit, but in reality, it depends on the seamstress and the pattern used. Like I said.... Hit or miss.

      My Shelby (Lonnie) on Flickr:http://www.flickr.com/photos/swmchick/sets/72157631943744410/
    13. I've found some of the Ken clothes that have a bit of stretch to them or are on the long/loose side fit the KIDs. Some of the items made for the Tonner 16" ladies also work. Below is a picture of Navarre wearing a Ken top that was part of a large fashion pack (which also fits my BIDs, btw) and the Tonner distressed skinny jeans from 2010. They're a snug fit on her and she can't sit while they're snapped, but that's something I've found with the stiffer/thicker Iple jeans as well. I tend to think the jeans would work better on the KID boys since they have slightly slimmer hips. The legs were also long and tucked up when I took the pic, but I fixed that once she claimed the jeans for her own.

    14. [​IMG]
      Navarre in pieces made for Tonner 16" ladies.

      Vest and pants from Tonner's New Moon outfit for the Alice Cullen small bust doll. They're long in the leg, but because the material is light weight; they scrunch nicely. There's also enough room in the pants that Navarre is able to sit in them.

      Light blue shirt made for Wilde Imagination 16" Ellowyne Wilde/16" Tonner Antoinette. Made by Jade Penni Creations. Jade use to have a store on E-bay, but it doesn't appear to be there any more. :-/
    15. I had this dress for my Narsha, I bought it on ebay some time ago and it's a Robert Tonner dress for the 14 inch Betsy McCall, I think the fit is quite good and thought my new Lonnie looked rather cute in it! I made the stockings for Narsha and they fit fine. Shoes are normal YOSD sized.

      I have another couple of Betsy outfits which I need to try on her for fit and will post here if they fit well.

      I have jeans that I made for my Narsha from my own pattern, but they are a little loose through the thighs and a bit too short on Lonnie. Narsha has shorter legs than Lonnie.

      I also tried an Ellowyne Wilde outfit on her, which can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8451719476
      The top fit fine, the leggings are a bit long but not too bad. The skirt was really tight around Lonnies waist and I had to really pull it to snap it closed.
      The cardigan is by Maisiedoats and made for my Narsha.
    16. I absolutely love this outfit! Your Shelby (Lonnie) is such a lucky girl!
    17. This outfit looks soooo good on her!

      Always good to know what may work before you buy the doll. I have been know to buy the outfit and then find a doll to fit it! LOL

      Jenny in Wi
    18. Ive currently got my Lonnie in a Littlefee outfit I got from Etsy...the skirt is a little short but it fits fine other than that...

      Ive also got a Momocolour 29cm girl and I think they are pretty similar in size?
    19. Thank you, Dotti!
      I really need to try some other clothes on her, but I've been so preoccupied with my little BID girls at the moment. Poor Shelby has been twiddling her thumbs on the shelf just patiently waiting for some play time. LOL
    20. Here are some sandals that fit the KID (and BID) foot.
      On the left in the photo are Dollmore 'Mash Marigold' Sandals (these come in 4 colors, white, black, pink and violet)listed at $14 each. Personally I like the fit. On the right are Boneka 'Fisherman' sandals. These also come in various colors (White, Red and Brown), most places sell for $20. The toes go right up to the end.

      [removed dead photo links]
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