Iplehouse Light Brown skin from 2011

Dec 25, 2016

    1. Does anyone still have a 2011 LB doll from Iplehouse?

      How has the resin color changed/ or not (greening) over the years?
    2. I believe my Iplehouse Storm in light brown may have been produced in 2012, but I recently placed him back in his box after taking a picture of Storm for a different thread, so I'm not exactly sure if he is 2011 or 2012.


      Storm has visible greening/oxidation on his neck, right arm (hand & forearm), and face -although it is covered by his faceup.

      The green areas are an olive color that is difficult to see in pictures depending on the lighting, but it is more visible to the naked eye.

      I am not Storm's first owner, so I don't have clear knowledge of how and when Storm's resin started to change.
    3. Thanks for letting me know your experience with this ;)
    4. My boy isn't from 2011, so I realise this doesn't help too much, but my boy is from 2010 and I can honestly say I've not noticed a bit of difference to his resin tone so far. I admit however I hardly ever have him out, because... well I'm a horrible owner and I never got around to getting him a proper faceup, but I'm finally doing that and I have him out almost daily right now, just for a quick check before I put him away in a dark place again, but I do have one recent pic that I took.

      I guess I've been lucky because he's mostly been put in a very dark room in an even darker box since he arrived, but since I'm starting to do things with him now, including sending him off for his faceup asap I guess I'll wait to see how he ages and when the above happens to my boy.

      Here's a quick pic or two just incase it helps for any reason:
      Sarge (not long after he arrived, excuse the flash)
      Sarge (taken this year, no flash)

      Hope that's of some sort of help to you.