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Iplehouse Limited Edition SID Shane!

Nov 1, 2011

    1. He is very handsome, I love his eyes, but now I don´t have money:( maybe next year in basic version...
    2. He's very gorgeous - alas, no money until next year :(
    3. I'm seriously considering it. I will begin my full-time job early December, so by December 25th I should have the funds to get him... I could of course also wait for the basic version, but that leather riding outfit and that gun are very tempting, to say the least.
    4. Merry Christmas to me!!!!!!! :lol:
    5. I have to say that Shane is growing on me by leaps and bounds... I keep telling myself he's just nice-looking, but then I come to one or two pics from certain angles and think, "Gah-Gah...GORGEOUS!!!!" *drools* I think he's out of my reach financially as a special edition (since Iple already nailed me with Claude), but I may be able to swing him if/when he becomes a basic.

      After all, Claude will definitely need a friend... Mwa-ha-ha!
    6. I want iple to sell his gun separately D:
      honestly, if I hadn't ordered claude, I'd seriously consider him! but I have too many layaways to pay right now and I don't like to have more than one doll per body type :sweat
    7. I'm so glad someone started a thread for Shane!

      I ordered him last night. I seriously want his outfit for Claude -- Shane can wear the clothes I bought for Claude. Then there's Barahan. I always thought the SIDs were too big for me and now I have one at home and two on order. I can't wait to see them together.

      And now I need for Iple to stop making dolls that I absolutely must have -- at least until my finances recover.
    8. I see a lot of Storm in him. They could be brothers.
    9. He does look like a younger version of Storm, but I see some Bibane in him like he could be her younger bro.
    10. Bibiane's younger brother was my first thought, too. No matter whom he resembles, he's "Gah-Gah... Gorgeous," to quote Genesblues.
    11. Awwww finally a discussion about this handsome guy *___* I can't decide if I wanna buy him or not though, I already have to other guys on layaway, but I already have dreams about him and also bought him a pair of eyes -.- It's not normal right? What should I do?
    12. If you bought him a pair of eyes already, that's as good as a marriage proposal. Go get him, uchan!
    13. I saw him from Iplehouse doll reveiw,,,,he is very cute. ;)