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Iplehouse Limited EID Woman - Bibiane

Sep 14, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Ee. The new Iplehouse SE looks interesting! :3 I can't wait to see more photos of Bibiane. I have Jessica on my wish list and I plan to get her sometime next year.

      Link to Bibiane's page.
    2. Me too! I've been wanting a Jessica for a long time - and Bibiane looks VERY interesting. Her mouth seems to have the same adult aesthetic as Jessica, so maybe I might have a difficult choice on my hands. :3
    3. I never cared for Jessica's nose for some reason which is why I never bought her but now Bibianne....I'll have to see what the rest of her face looks like before deciding.
    4. Bibiannes lower face reminds me of Jessica, Im really looking forward to seeing the rest of her. I always love seeing Iplehouses women.
    5. Aww...her mouth looks great. I'm really interested in the rest!
      Hm - I wanted to buy a SID next...but Bibianne could cross my plans. :3
    6. Iplehouse and Soom are just about killing me. XD But thankfully even if I don't get to purchase the SE edition, I can still go for the custom later. But yeah, I'm really curious about Bibiane! Hopefully we'll get more news about her before the weekend? Here's hoping. :)
    7. Oh these teasers are just torture!
      She does remind me of Jessica....
    8. Uh-oh. I may be doomed. >__x Bibiane looks lovely, already. But I just paid off my Yur! Uh-oh...
    9. Bibiane's up for sale now and she looks gorgeous! @_@! I really love her outfit!
    10. Ack! Cut it out Soom and Iplehouse! I'll need to recover from Claude and the Layaway of DOOM before taking on any more. She is gorgeous and FIERCE! There's a lady who won't take any guff from those two bad boys.
    11. She's beautiful *o*
      I would have been happy to see pictures of her in WS and NS.
    12. She looks like a mix between Jessica and Carina. Luckily I'm safe. But that last photo of her sandwiched between Dexter and Arvid? *squeee*

      I hope there are more tough ladies in this story (and more bad boys too).
    13. She's lovely, but Yur still has all of my love. <3 A bit too sultry for any character in my story, as of now. I'm safe, but I look forward to seeing other people's lovely pictures of her! ^0^
    14. Wow she's gorgeous! I love the whole fullset. She'd be all by her lonesome here though since neither Dexter or Arvid grabbed me at all.
    15. I'm loving the fullset too and I'm really considering getting her. She'll be the first girl in my resin family. I just love that outfit and I'm going to have so much fun customizing more Western outfits for her. I just wish she was available in light brown skin though? That's the only thing that's making me not want to purchase her right now, but I really don't want to miss out on the dress! And that gun. Guh.
    16. She is really really lovely, unfortunately no place for her in my crew. I just love this concept. <3
    17. She's absolutely gorgeous, augh! I broke down and bought her tonight after seeing all the lovely photographs of her face. She's perfect for my character's girlfriend, except that she's a little light-skinned, even with the RS. I can't wait to have her home so I can begin working on her face-up! Squea!
    18. Congrats on getting her, Aska! I'm going to wait until next month to decide if I want her or if I want to wait on the custom system so I can get her in light brown skin. But the outfit is killing me! Did you get the full set?
    19. I can't wait to see how the custom system works -- it really wouldn't hurt to wait. :) I think a lot of people would really love darker-complected dolls. I just couldn't resist buying her! /impulsive... ^_^; I didn't get the full set, because the girlfriend doesn't wear western. If I did, I would be so tempted to buy her a horse, and then that would be troublesome! LOL

      Dear Iplehouse, can you please make BJD horses for all these wonderful western characters?
    20. I'm in a dilemma right now because as much as I want to wait to purchase her in light brown skin, I'm in love with the outfit and that gun! I've already got a few ideas in my head and am going to have a blast customizing more Western outfits for her. XD