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Iplehouse limiteds at LUTS

Aug 18, 2005

    1. Luts is selling alot of things. O__o
      Soon they'll own our souls! Run! Run fast! XD

      Hmm, Be Yearn would make an interesting girl >_>

      On the limiteds, if you want to clean the clothes, it has to be Dry cleaned @__@
    2. Hehe... x3 You know you're a doll person when you take your doll's clothes to be drycleaned. x3

      Aww... I was getting my hopes up for furniture... x3 !!! Doesn't iplehouse sell furniture too?
    3. Indeed. Your dry cleaner will be concerned. XD

      Yes they do. Very expensive furniture O__o
    4. ... Be Yearn would make a very good girl. o.o
    5. did these sell out or have they not yet been put up for sale.