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Iplehouse Lucky Bag event

Jun 23, 2009

    1. Lucky Bag Event

      Hi, everyone. ~ This is Iplehouse. ^^

      Iplehouse makes the progress of Lucky Bag Event from Jun. 22 to Jul 22.

      - In lucky bag of 30,000 KRW, there are items worth of 50,000 KRW ~ 100,000 KRW,
      - In lucky bag of 50,000 KRW, there are items worth of 80,000 KRW ~ 150,000 KRW.
      But, please kindly be notified that these items are NOT related with the sex.

      So, please choose the SIZE from the option, for sure.~

      The quantity for these items is already fixed, and these items can be probably sold-out in advance.~
      Therefore, we kindly ask you to please do in a hurry!

      This is lucky bag event, but lucky bag itself will not be offered to you, and relevant items will be packaged very well in general box. ^^

      Thank you very much. ~

      I am most certainly ordering some bags. Probably there will be a swap thread like there was with the Fukubukuro?

      Discussion thread here: Please no further discussion in this thread.
    2. This isn't a contest, it's a sale -- go to the website and buy a lucky bag if you'd like one.
    3. I'm at the site, but I don't see where to buy them. What category are they under?
    4. Darn shipping, or I'd probably get one. :doh
      Iplehouse goodies can't be bad! ^_^
    5. Sorry to be a bother, but what is the YID and JID sizes and whom do they fit? (will they fit mnf, unoa, volks and so on?) TY! EDIT: I do not really need height so much as if they will out non-iplehouse doll bodies. ^_^
    6. JID is MSD Sized, and I think YID is SD Sized.
    7. Wow this is confusing me. I went to currency exchange and put the 30,000 KRW to USA and it comes out to $23.42 but to buy the bag it costs $50? Even if I were lucky enough to get the most wonderful bag (worth 100,000 KRW) it has $78.52 worth of goodies but then won't I have to pay shipping? Maybe I'm just not getting it??
    8. The 30,000 KRW bag costs $30 USD. The 50,000 KRW bag costs $50 USD.
    9. The $30 bag has approx. $40-$80 worth and the $50 has approx. $60-120. And yes I think you have to pay shipping.
    10. Is the Hound size Kamau size?
    11. No, Kamau is EID size, significantly bulkier than a Hound, even though they are approximately the same height.
    12. since the official announcement on the iplehouse site is dated june 23rd,
      i think the june 22nd is a typo, and they may not have started yet (hopefully)
    13. The Lucky Bags are back on sale.