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Iplehouse - male 63cm YID!

May 22, 2007

    1. That is coming home with me right now.
    2. I know I`m almost tempted to change Ikki`s body for this lovely 6-pack of niceness!
    3. Wow what a Body:drool... I wonder what other companies Resin Matches Iplehouse's:wiggle
    4. I heard somewhere that Iplehouse matches well with Volks, if so then I'm in so much trouble. I'd need to get this new body.

      I'm so happy!

      My main complaint about the other boy body was the jointed torso, It just "ruined" the whole look of the body for me and this new one....I'm jumping for joy over.....a seemless body perfect for photographing. :D
      I hope that Iplehouse keep him like this, because I want to buy it once I've paid up all my dues.
    5. holy crap!! what a body!!!!
    6. Iplehouse uses the pale pink resin. Was considering a Iplehouse body for my DOT Ducan head I just bought. Hmmm:)
    7. Does Iplehouse resin match Luts?
    8. *dies*
      Absolutely thrilled for the return of the single torso!!! :celebrate
      THANK YOU IPLE!!!!!
      Must upgrade my little Ichigo. :mwahaha
    9. There certainly seems to be a trend towards ripped bodies right now, doesn't there? Unidoll Jace, Elfdoll K, Dollstown 15, etc., etc.

      Now, if someone would make a toned female body, I'd jump for joy. I'll be waiting for pictures of the Unidoll Real girl. :3
    10. Well looks like my floating Soo Ri head may finnally get a body!

    11. He's very handsome. I like this trend of more muscular men.
    12. I recently was corresponding with IP asking about their normal skin color, whether it was now pinkish or still beige-ish. They said it depends on which of the companies they have producing the bodies is doing the producing at any given time. So it can vary from pink to more beige.

      I copied the measurements IP gave, took some from the Unidoll site, and measured the rest myself. It appears the biggest difference in the IP new body is the width of the shoulders (which may be partially due to those large muscles in the arms)

      Here are the comparison "stats":

      IP: / Unidoll

      Tall: 63cm / Tall: 67cm
      Circ. of neck : 10.5cm / neck: 10.5 cm
      Circ. of chest : 26cm / chest: 28.5cm
      Width of shoulders Incl.arms: 16cm / Incl.arms: 14cm
      (previous IP vers.body was 14cm)

      Length shoulder to wrist: 19cm / 21cm
      Lenth of back: 14cm / 16.5cm
      Circumference of waist: 21.5cm / 22cm
      Circumference of hips : 25cm / 26.5cm
      Length hips to ankle: 35.5cm / 38cm
      Foot size:7.8cm // foot: 8cm
    13. No, it's much lighter. Normal skin, that is: Luts white skin is much... whiter than Iplehouse white. At least when I last had white skin dolls to compare. It might vary, but still I'm pretty sure they won't match.

      That body is quite something. Especially his back! Still, I prefer the triple-jointed body, I think...
    14. I don't know - I liked it at first, but the more I look at it, the more something feels off about the chest and abs. Probably just me being odd.
    15. Probably it's the vestigal "8th pack" below the navel...usually there's just a line of *hair* going down to the tum, not diminishing abs! I spotted that immediately, but it's an easy sanding job, so no biggie.

      It does look a LOT like the Unidoll body, with the "striations" alongside the abs. But the improved back is really nice! And the butt beats all heck out of Jace's "double glute syndrome"! I must recheck the nips....
    16. They keep at it and soon we'll be able to call them 'action figures' like the boys. ;)
    17. OMG OMG!! I was expecting for a body like This... *¬*....
    18. BTW, guys - I was just at the IP site to ask a question, since I noticed the neck size is larger than previously, and was curious if older heads would fit -- Someone left an open message asking about 70cm dolls.

      The IP answer was that they take a lot of time to do, and they would come out with 40cm (range?) dolls first.

      They did say for certain, though, that they're coming out with TWO new boys and TWO new girls in June-- don't know if that relates to the 40cm range, or if there will be new boy heads to go with the new body!
    19. I have but one thing to say with regards to this.


      That is all.