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iplehouse male hybirds?

Mar 19, 2010

    1. I loved to get a iplehose jid body but the face don't suit the man i have in mind. I was looking for a more mature looking face.
      So I was wondering if their were other head that would fit these boy's bodies?
    2. The biggest problem you'll encounter will be the neck size. It's pretty large.... I can't remember the Lati Blue's neck size, but it's possible they would work (but must check resin color too) They have mature faces for Minis. I know there are others too...

      I just measured his neck circumference and got 8.5cm FYI and I just checked, Lati blue boys have the same neck circumference. I just don't know the resin match

      In this thread, people have posted their "mature male mini's" and though it's full of people who consider their dolls mature, a few of them actually do look mature, like the orientdolls.

      Also, it does have a lot to do with the faceup you give the doll. I think my doll turned out to look remarkably like Mick Hucknall when he was younger, though I only used him as one of my redheaded references.

    3. I have a Doll in Mind MSD sized Johnny Depp Minimee head on a JID boy body and though it did require a little moding to get it to fit just right the result is amazing! i'll try to remember to get pictures up here tomorow some time ;)
    4. OH please do! I keep seeing the JD head on bodies that just look WAY too small for his head! I hope that worked out well for you! Of course, I think it wouldn't look too awful with clothing on, but nakid pictures I've seen (non of them on an IH body) were pretty bobbleheaded!
    5. My memory sucks, here is someone who actually put the Lati head on a JID body :)