Iplehouse "mobility joints?" Opinions?

Dec 15, 2006

    1. Hi--sorry if I'm asking a strange question here...

      What's up with Iplehouse's proffered joint options--"general" and "mobility?" I saw the photos on Silvia's page, but all I can see there is what looks like a seam on the thigh. Can someone enlighten me?

      Thanks :)

    2. I don't know for sure, but a seam in the thigh usually mean there is a swivel joint in the thigh, so the doll can cross its legs or splay its legs out.

      Ann in CT
    3. Yeah, it's not a seam, it's a separate piece that allows them to have more mobility and pose better, hence the name "mobility joints." It's very handy. My Cocori has the mobility joint and her legs hold a pose wonderfully. She stands very well~~

      Of course, I'm sure the general type is quite nice too. I'm pleased with Iplehouse.
    4. I bought a mobility Silivia for my friend. Awesome poser, even stands on carpet with one leg straight and then other bent at the knee.

      The mobility joint allows for way more posability when sitting standing and the like. It's like an extra joint :)
    5. I've seen a mobility Silvia before , but her jointed leg looked like it will pop out anytime. It's good that it gives her mobility, but the first imprerssion it gives me is like "The leg don't belong to her!"

      Other than that she is fine!~
    6. so is it like the Domuya body that have these pieces that you can remove at the back of the thigh? Does anyone has pictures?
    7. No, it's not like the domuya thigh at all. I've seen both in person and they're very different. The Iplehouse mobility joint isn't a piece you can remove. It's just another joint that twists side to side. With it, you can twist the leg without moving the ball joint that connects the leg to the body. Sorry for the confusion (though I don't know if this explains it either).
    8. Do they do boys with that?
    9. Well, they've recently released a new boy body, but from the pictures, it doesn't look like it has a joint there.
    10. Hmm, just wondering. Next on my list is an Iplehouse Lion - I just wish that I could've got him in time for a sleeping head, so pretty!
    11. I love Lion~ I've never had the opportunity to see one in person, which is why I don't know for sure about the boy body. I finally saw the pics of the sleeping head. It's so nice! I bet some will turn up in the marketplace.
    12. I have a mobility Silvia.I have to say at first i wasnt used to it but after awhile it ok^_^
    13. Thanks everyone! :)
    14. the knee joint is pretty interesting though. I didn't have much time to play with her since she's not mine but I did like how the knee joint functioned
    15. My Cocori has mobility joints and unfortunately, they keep popping out. Is there a way to fix this? I sueded them with hot glue and they are a little better but not great. I have seen them on other Iplehouse dolls and they were fine; I can't figure out why they don't work on this doll. Thanks for any advice you can give me.
    16. Well have a Silvia with mobility joints. Other than sueding you might need to look at the string tension. If she too loose she'll be more likely to pop her joints.

      We've found though, that you learn how to move her legs around so they pop less. I'ts just getting use to what works and what doesn't.
    17. Thanks so much for your help; I'll try that. I read on another thread that someone glued the mobility joint because it was driving them crazy. I love the idea of it and really don't want to give up yet. The first Cocori I saw (last year) had one and it worked perfectly.
    18. I don't have any advice to give, but I have the same problem. Every time I handle my Cocori, I regret I didn't get the general type body. I have heard that sueding will help, but haven't tried it yet.

      I hope it is like MieAga said, that I'll eventually learn how to use them.
    19. Hi.

      I'm thinking of ordering a Silvia from Iple house - but what is it with
      the leg joints - there is two kinds, why ?

      What is the best kinds ?
    20. I honestly don't like the split thigh. It doesn't actually HAVE a purpose, it just makes it look weird @[email protected];;