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Iplehouse New Iple-I "Soo Ri"..

Nov 24, 2005

    1. Hi everyone,

      Together with voluminous new body,
      Iplehouse can introduce new boy, SOO RI.
      He has clear, eye, mouth and nose, and is masculine,
      so you can feel his sexy.

      Now we introduce General sales version

      "Soo Ri" http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=246

      and limited special version
      "Soo Ri Full Set -Limited ver.1" http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=248

      "Soo Ri Full Set -Limited ver.1" is limited as 50 bodies, all over the world,
      and we prepare for you to meet "Soo Ri" specially.

      So we ask you to please take a lot of interest.
    2. He has clear, eye, mouth and nose, and is masculine,
      so you can feel his sexy...
    3. Mannnnnnnn~ Do I WANT him~! *drools* I like the gifset faceup better though ^_^;;
    4. Dear God he is pretty O.o'
    5. Mmmm. "Sexy" is right! I get the feeling my wishlist is about to be expanded. . .
    6. he's so sexyyyyy
    7. Soo Ri is very handsome and masculine indeed -- congratulations on the creation of this wonderful young man!! I'm glad you're putting out a general edition, the specials sold out before I'd heard about him :)

      Good luck!

      -- Andi
    8. I wonder if he'll be available, like Be Yearn, as a head...
    9. If I remembered correctly, I remember reading somewhere that yeah, he will be available as just a head.
    10. He is my next doll~ I can't wait until I save up enough x_x;
    11. *wolfwhistles*

      Looking good!
    12. Wow, he's fantastic! Seriously, he is. His sculpt is very clean and luminescent. His faceup is great. Wish I had cash right now. I'd snap him up. =O
    13. oh... f***ck!!! I dreamed of this doll today, not kidding... and I have not seen him before! I dreamed Vanilla met him and he was a devil that wrote songs and she fell in love with him! - just..... wow! When i oppened the site i got like: OH MY GOSH!!!!
      That's soscary...
      He is so handsome *___* now I wanna
    14. Hi next doll.

    15. *zombiefied* waaaant him, neeeed him!
    16. Oh god, I'm stuill waiting for my souldool but he might be my second doll later on. I wonder if they'll seel the head seperatly... I also wonder if it would fit on a Hound body...mmmm....
    17. Gasp! He's so handsome!! ;_;
    18. Wow :love He looks like Be Yearn's older brother! Ok, I need to show Inu this guy ^_-

      And yes, the "so you can feel his sexy" had me in fits of laughter, too!

    19. Gah...I keep coming back to this page and gawking at him. I may have to try a big doll again...He is just too much! I want him T^T

      oh! Anyone know if the pictures shown are normal skin or white?
    20. I think they are white, if you compare out the pics of the Soo Ri giftset (which is normal skin) he looks quite a bit paler than the giftset. However, the giftset is also the old body, so not sure if they just lightened the resin or not O_o Ok, that didn't really help too much.... >_<