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Update Iplehouse Noctarcana Circus Ending

Oct 16, 2010

    1. http://www.iplehouse.net/board/view.php?board_name=DREAMBOARD4&ID=160

      From their site:
      "Hello, this is Iple House

      Noctarcana Circus has been loved over 3 years but finally has come to an end.

      It opened on 26 April. 2008 and total 24 members were released until now.

      We did our best to give you pleasure in the way of their own.

      To tell you the truth, we had sometimes gone through a little difficult time to make new ones.
      However, we had enjoyed with these members of Noctarcana Circus.

      We appreciate your support of Noctarcana Circus.

      None of this could have ever been possible without the love and support of you.

      We hope you don't miss the last chance to get the last members Bichun and Eva in Noctarcana Circus.

      Thank you so much for your support and have a wonderful day @^__^@"