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Iplehouse Noctarcarna Circus Bunny Girls Cherry

Apr 19, 2010

    1. Can anyone figure out what size they are? I'm guessing EID, but is there any hope for SID?
    2. I thought they were SID? I'm sure I read that the new circus characters were going to be SIDs, also the brunette girl is pictured wearing SID clothes and wigs on the IH site.
    3. These new girls are the new SID. If you have not found it already, there is a picture on the IH site showing the body comparison between the EID woman and the SID woman.
    4. Bunny Girls same size as "Jessica" 65cm? Also, is there discussion thread for these new bjd's?
    5. SID Discussion

      SIDs are a slighter build than EIDs, and a bit shorter, at about 62CM for the girls. Iple's gallery comparison shots are here.
    6. There are separate pics of the girls up now. Or should I say girl since I think they are the same just with different face ups?
    7. And it is confirmed that they are indeed SID size. They are listed under Noctarcana Circus SID.
    8. Lots more pictures of the girls are up as well as a price.