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Iplehouse Offering Dreaming Head Sales

Sep 18, 2009

    1. As per this announcement by Iplehouse:

      We decide to sell dreaming head as an option.
      Dreaming head is available as an option from the same faced doll.
      So, for customer who purchases Akando, you can purchase dreaming Akando.
      But, for customer who purchases Luo, you can not purchase dreaming Akando. ^^;
      We don't sell this separately, and please kindly understand.

      This option head is less expensive than the head when you purchase separately, and
      we ask for your lots of supports, here.


      They have not yet said how the sales will work. No information so far on what the price will be, or how to go about ordering the heads.

    2. They are $91 and you can select them on a drop-down menu on the standard doll sales page.
    3. Oh! I was under the impression that they would be offering the heads for sale to people who had already purchased the dolls, as well.
    4. They might. o_O As like, an After Service parts. If they're bugged enough. :D
    5. I have bugged them for years for loose heads.