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Iplehouse Pet Dolls

Aug 1, 2016

    1. With the release of the new rules on On-Topic dolls, the latest editions to the Iplehouse family, Pet Dolls are now within the rules for sharing :celebrate (Thank you Mod's :abow:)

      So I thought I would take the opportunity to create a new thread for that purpose...

      Time to start sharing your pooches and kitties ladies and gents :sumomo:

      Currently allowable in the range are the puppies/dogs, kittens/cats, Puma and Panther. This may not be all in the future, but we'll have to see what Iplehouse come up with and whether they still fit within the new rules.


      Some useful links...

      Pet Doll Item List
      Iplehouse Waiting Room v31
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    2. #2 Lady Tiku, Aug 1, 2016
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    3. So can we add them to 'my new doll' threads/databases????
    4. Glad to see a thread for the pets. I just got my first Pet Doll this past week. I really like him.
      Meet Boo.
      [​IMG]Stare of the Cat by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    5. From what I gather from the update, as long as they conform to the usual rules on DoA Pet Dolls are now treat like all other BJD's that are on topic. They no longer need to to be human/anthro to qualify :)

      I say add them where you want them ;) (doll profiles for them are included in the list of things you can now add)
    6. Oh I'm so glad the Pets are now on topic!

      Batty and the Beagles want to say 'woof'. :XD:

      [​IMG]Paw Patrol by luluna33, on Flickr
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    7. omg all together they look even more fun!

      Hi Boo! I often call most of my cats by the nickname Booboo kitty LOL

      Thanks! Looks like I'll have a bit of catch up to play ... getting ready for the con and I'm rooming in so away from pc for nearly 4 days ... omg it's gonna kill me (I don't have a mobile device ><).
    8. Doggiez! Here's Timmy playing with Kelsy the dog:

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    9. I'll definitely be paying attention to these, as I've been interested in getting a pet doll. *^*
    10. start saving NOW lol cuz when they come up they are not available for long LOL and they are not cheap! LOL
    11. Yeah, RIP. lol ;v;
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    12. #13 Jill in WV, Aug 8, 2016
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    13. These are so cute! :whee: More please!!
    14. @Lady Tiku I love your Saber doll! She is so beautifully done.

      I haven't really seen animal dolls before this is so amazing!! *dives into op's links*
    15. lol thanks but Saber is not mine... she belongs to another member at the doll meet ^^... I'll pass on your like to him though XD... I kinda liked her too... we had a few there that day lol.
    16. Drive-by Kelsy spam :D


      I really need to make her a leash and have one of the dolls take her outside for a walk.
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    17. [​IMG]

      Iplehouse Cheesy cat with Jude, my Granado Jupiter. A perfect lap kitty.
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    18. Received my kitty today. Love her (or him). Have not decided on the color yet. We have orange tabbies of various shades, so leaning that way. We have one that has Siamese/tabby/calico mix and beautiful blue eyes but think that would be too difficult to duplicate.

      Iplehouse White Cat by Laurie W, on Flickr
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