Iplehouse PID Discussion V. 01

Apr 15, 2013

    1. Since this is a thing that's "coming soon" I think it would be great to share pictures and discuss Iple's attempt to go teeny.

      So I shall start with the pictures that are out now of them



      So, what do y'all think? I want to see what the faces look like...but I totally want one already
    2. I love the look of that body - I wonder what the faces will be like and what size they really are
    3. I want one. I love tiny dolls and I'm sure that Iplehouse's will be darling!
    4. I'm really excited to see this new line from IH. :D
    5. Hummm . . . it looks kind of mature and with broad hips and smaller shoulders. Not as bad as some dolls but not really my thing. If you look at the cell phone I wouldn't be surprised if it was about 30cm tall. Looks too chubby to fit Barbie clothes even if it's the right hight.

      I bet the faces are going to be really cute - after all it is Iplehouse - but I know from expierence that tiny mature dolls does not work for me no matter how cute of beautiful they are.

    6. On their flickr page IH said those are going to be smaller than 20 cm.
    7. They are really small compared to that shoe. I wonder about the price range.
    8. I figured those shoes are doll shoes, so checked their site, and it looks like they are the JID canvas sneakers. It doesn't give the measurements for the shoes, but how big can JID shoes be - 5+ cm? That looks like one very small little doll. Can't wait to see her face, and how they present her.
    9. Although cute, it is definitely not my style. (Whew sigh of releif) I have Isar with her slightly elfin ears and that is ok, but I started collecting Iplehouse because they seemed more realistic to me. I can always go to "fantasy" my changing clothes, wigs and eyes. I think it is harder to go from complete fantasy to realistic.
    10. I wonder what size head she'll have? If she's under 20cm then her limbs must be very similar in proportions to the pocket fairy sugars (completely different bodies though). I can't wait to see more.
    11. I want to see the head as well. I am sure that Iple will pull off something amazing and I already have some plans for when this comes out. I just want to know WHEN this is going to happen.
    12. Crossing my fingers for playscale freindly sized!
    13. This interest me greatly... I try not to get my hopes too high, but I see that Iple can do some very interesting things with this. That pear-shaped body in itself is just too adorable! 83 I eagerly await more.
    14. I like this body) is Interesting, what will be the head? And what they are all the same will be growth?
    15. I'm pretty excited to discover they are going to release a Tiny doll. I'm only hesitating on their KID line because of the size so this news has definitely made me start saving my pennies. Am super curious on the faces myself.
    16. To me, those shoes look way too big relative to the iPhone to be JID shoes. My JID girl's sneakers are like those in style, and are not even half the length of my phone. I was assuming they are SD size. Either way, compared to the iPhone, it looks like the doll is going to be at most about 8" or 20cm.
    17. I was also assuming the shoes were for a larger doll, but I checked every shoe on the IH site, and they look exactly like the JID boy canvas sneakers. That was definitely a surprise. I can't wait to see what the whole doll looks like.
    18. I'm glad you started this thread. I wasn't watching their Flickr pool and wouldn't have seen these pictures otherwise.

      I can't wait to see the heads! I bet I am going to want one. I want so many IH dolls.

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    19. Oh my gosh I'm so unbelievably excited about this! I have a thing for micros/teenies!! And it looks like (assuming Iplehouse's pattern holds) even a person with very little money to spare can own one of their masterpieces!
    20. Oh, very interesting :)