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Iplehouse Price reduction

Sep 17, 2008

    1. We kindly inform you all customers who are using Iplehouse site.
      Price reduction for Iplehouse goods
      Now, Korean currency is going down & down, so Iplehouse has decided to cut down the price into approx. 10% on Iplehouse English site.
      But, some goods are excluded.
      The price adjustment work would start on the 19th (Friday).
      So, if possible, please avoid purchasing from the 18th to 20th.
      For existing order details, also during this adjustment period, we will make the progress of shipping work, continuously.
      When the price adjustment work is finished, we will make new post.
      Regarding orders which customers are paying with the layaway now, these are not corresponded to the price adjustment.
      Please kindly understand this.
      Change of Basic line composition
      After the price adjustment, when you place an order with the doll, the default wig will be excluded.
      Only for customers who place an order before the adjustment, the wig will be offered, and for customers who purchase after the 18th, the wig will not be offered, so please kindly be notified of this.
      We are very sorry to give you inconvenience.