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Iplehouse resin reliability

Mar 30, 2009

    1. Hiya, I'm not really sure where I should put this so I'll try here.

      I've got a new doll from Iplehouse and he's got a problem with his legs. Iplehouse have agreed to make up new parts for me but they want the old parts back to colour match to. Or I can just have new parts made and shipped to me. Now, I don't really want to go through the hassle of having to be left with a doll in pieces after having to wait so long for him and I'd rather be getting on and enjoying him, so ideally I'd want them just to ship new parts to me.

      what I want to know is how reliable Iplehouse is with their normal skin resin colour. Are they like Luts where the resin colour changes with each new batch or are they more consistent?

      thanks for any help anyone can give!
    2. I have owned several Iplehouse dolls, currently I own 3. One of them came to me as a loose head, the body came much, much later. There was indeed a color difference, but no one ever noticed.

      I still use the highheel feet from that doll with a doll I bought just last year and they match very well.

      I think it depends a bit on how religiously you want the legs to match with the rest of the body. If youre ok with a slight bit of difference, then just getting new ones is fine.
    3. cyberspacegirl thankyou~ I don't mind subtle differences because it's his head cap and from the calves down that have been cast wrong so I doubt they'd be on show that much.

      MrNeo Thankyou for the suggestion but the character's not meant to have a tan, and plus I'd be too nervous to dye him!

      bumping for anyone elses opinion!
    4. I have a Harin head from 2007 and a body that I bought just recently. The color difference is striking, but luckily you cannot see it in photos. Take into consideration that the head is two years old and has probably yellowed, but you can tell that the tone of the resin body is much pinker than the resin from two years ago.

      Since the head is a limited and I don't want to disturb the face-up (the original face-up is in pristine condition), I plan to buy a new Harin head, so I will be keeping an eye on this thread to see how your resin match turns out. It would be a shame for me to buy a new head only to have it not match the body either! Please post pics if you can!
    5. Iplehouse do recommend that as long as you get it around the same time, the colors shouldn't be that different.

      The color difference is usually pretty obvious if the batches have been at least a year apart. Within a month or two of each other though, I think the color should be about the same.
    6. thanks again, I got him at the start of March so I doubt he would have yellowed drastically yet since he hasn't been in it a great deal.

      Ravyn42 is your doll normal skin? It's depending now on me finding out if it's his head cap or head that needs to be replaced. If it's his head then I don't know if Iplehouse will agree to replacing the head without getting the faulty one back. So I may have to send it back for them to colour match to.
      Either way I'll keep this updated :3
    7. The older normal color was more of a beigey pale color. Their recent normal has been a pinkish tone that has been pretty consistent. (In fact, for those of us trying to match older beige-normal heads, it's TOO consistent!)

      Since your doll is new, you shouldn't have a matching problem, I think.
    8. it is Normal skin and the head is from 2007 whereas the body is still brand new. it is obvious frm the headcap that the one of the two resins is different. the head has yellowed slightly (but not as much as I thought it had thankfully), but it is clearly a different shade of resin.

      Since the head is a limited in perfect condition, I don't want to disturb the face-up by attempting one of my own, so it is just as well that I decided to get a new head. I'm just worried that if I wait too long that their batch color will change too much and I will be able to tell the difference in resin color between the head and body.