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Iplehouse Shoes on Dollshe Feet

Mar 8, 2019

    1. Does anyone have Iplehouse shoes on an 18M CLASSIC (69CM) - ARSENE BODY ❓ Arsene’s foot length 98mm but the EID foot is 10.2 cm (102mm). I don’t have enough experience with ball jointed dolls, clothing, or shoes. Will 4 additional millimeters on a shoe make his feet appear to be too large?
    2. No, because the feet are already pretty large ;). It actually depends on the shoe style, more pointed the shoe the longer it has to be to accomodate the wide toes.

      I have a similar body (the classic maxi mystic 70cm) with 10cm for feet and he wears 11.5cm super senior delf shoes-- 1.5cm longer than his normal feet but fits exactly and it doesn't appear clowny.

      A user in the Dollshe discussion thread with the arsnene body (JinCIncy post #244) has the right answer for you:
      Dollshe Discussion - Part Fifteen
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    3. Thank you for your comments! I don't want to spend so much on a shoe that isn't going to fit or look clownish. But I could always splurge and purchase the doll intended for the shoe. . . if the shoes didn't work out. . .