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Iplehouse SID boy - Lee

May 26, 2010

    1. There is an SID guy on the block! Look under Lee in the Noctarcana Circus section!!!!

      Link to Lee's page.
    2. Aaaaaaagh, I'm already hooked!!! I need more of him!

      EDIT: And now Cherie is posing in the EID girl clothes. She looks super cute, like she's trying on her big sister's clothes.
    3. Lee is amazing ;_;!!!
    4. this new SID boy seems to be a hybrid of Jerome and Chase :XD: he looks too young for my tastes.
      i'll pass, but im curious to see the body.
    5. Chase junior was my first thought too Tosh.
    6. I just saw Cherie as a basic, and wow am I in trouble now xD
      Lee looks great but I thought little version of Chase too.
    7. Lee could be the one I've been waiting for for so long. I need to see more of his face. He has to be NS or WS though.
    8. It's the smile and the nose that makes him look like Chase.

      I do love that Cherie though but while I have two Yur's I going to do my best to not get two Cherie's.

    9. He looks like realskin but Iple will I'm sure release him as a basic with NS or WS like they did Cherie.

    10. Oh wow, Lee looks really good! I like that he looks a bit like Chase :) I hope Iple puts up more photos of him soon, and of the SID boy body.
    11. My first thought was like that of others: Little Chase! I like Chase, and I like Lee's face, too, but I don't need either. I do really want to see full-body shots though, and comparisons to EID. I'm excited! :) :) :)
    12. I thought he looked like Chase, too. I wonder if his joint is the same as the SID female body type joints. I'd want to put Tedros's head on the SID body, then... I wonder how that would look. XD;
    13. Oh the suspense of seeing the SID Boy body is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ...I feel better now. :lol:
    14. I agree with everyone saying he looks like chase. He really does!
    15. Yup, he does look like chase... Sad day, I was hoping for less of the pointy jaw anime hero look...
      SHOW MEH the BODY!! *squeal* Finally the SID boy is HERE!!!!!!
    16. I love his mysterious smile. Can't wait to see the rest of him.:)
    17. I'm going to need to see more pictures of him but I'm going to say he kind of looks like a mix between Chase and...Tedros. Both have big chins. I see the Chase grin, but I actually like the first looks of this guy. It'll be exciting to see all EID and SIDs next to each other. Man I hope my Cherie doesn't need to have a friend so soon....
    18. His eyes look like Asa's. I hope they don't forgo making an asian male EID since they have Lee now. If he becomes a basic, I might consider him. It depends if he can be made to look friendlier or not. Chase looks evil to me, and Lee looks similar to him with his thin lipped smirk.
    19. My dream Iplehouse doll? Tedros head on a SID body. Here's to hoping that will happen in the next few months!
    20. Lee's sale dates are up May 28th till June 27th! :D
      Start saving your pennies....