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Iplehouse Special Edition Luna and Yur on SID bodies

Apr 29, 2010

    1. I just found this early this morning while checking on my status.

      "Hi, this is Iplehouse. ^^

      For customers who want Yur & Luna with new SID girl body, we are selling Special Edition during the limited period.

      You can purchase her in real skin color only, and this will be available until May. 16.
      This is Special Edition, so please do not miss this chance. ^^

      We will become Iplehouse doing always do the best.
      Thank you so much. ^__^"

      According to the information on the IHD Limited Edition page, under each doll it says the order period begins April 30.
    2. Also notable, the girls have the option for a large or small breast size. Comparison pictures here. Still holding out for a Jessica SID package...
    3. Important! Regarding the question I asked if Luna and Yur would be available as basic SIDs and this is what IH said:

      Hi, lovely luckyxiii~~

      We won't sell her in basic version.
      Because it might be confused for our manufacturing process.

      This is available in special order only.

      Thank you and Have a wonderful weekend.~~

      So if you want them in that size, you'll have to get one now or hope to find a rs head for the body later (or the basic head for the basic later. Just thought to share!
    4. You could also mix and match the bodies and heads when they release the SIDs in the basic colours. They told me it would be late May for the basic SID release.